Thursday, August 24, 2006

New TV Series Focuses on Lesbian Sex

Link No, it's not a smut series. The show promises to "take viewers on an uncharted journey where the subject of lesbian sexuality and desire isn't whispered, but celebrated." Yowsa!

Study: Ohio State Wins Most Gay Friendly University

Link Any school that plays "Guess the Hetero", features drag competitions and devotes a whole week to coming out deserves some high marks!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And Then There Were Nine...

Link Out of 679 series lead or supporting characters on the six major broadcast networks in the new season, roughly 1.3 percent are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Will the next Ellen please step out of the closet and into the camera?

Brit Newscaster Gets Two Lesbians Pregnant

Link Hail, Brittania! "Thanks for the turkey baster. Don't let the door hit you in the bum on your way out."

Alabama Dems Block Lesbian Candidate

Link She won the people's approval by 59 votes. Now Patricia Todd's own political party is hedging on their support.

Monday, August 21, 2006

LGBT Chamber of Commerce Meets...Walmart

Link It's apparently a move to advance diversity among Walmart employees. I'm sure they'd appreciate adequate pay and benefits, too. On the brighter side, there'll be someplace besides Homo Depot to cruise for new chicks while you're shopping for those Third World country-made low, low prices.

Key West Gears Up for 20th Annual Womenfest

Link Warm sunshine and hot babes. Ahh, any event that combines "women" and "fest" has got to be worth attending! If you're headed there, do give us a full report, okay? And photos. Lots of photos.

Lesbian Gang Gives Lothario the Beatdown

Link Boys, boys, boys... When will you learn that "No means NO!"? Our verdict: the beatdown was warranted, but the application of the steak knife was a bit much.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Woman Denies Seducing Teenager at Party

Link If you guessed the teenager in question was a 14-year-old girl, you'd be right! This is LNews, after all. In other news, when are we going to start throwing these "vicars and tarts" parties in the States?

Activists Protest Military Gay Ban

Link Haven Herrin is young, strong and smart. She can run five miles and was valedictorian of her college class. The perfect military recruit! Except that she's queer, of course.

Lesbian Candidate Faces Bias in Alabama

Link When Patricia Todd began running for a legislative seat in a majority black district, she assumed she'd face some bias for being an out lesbian... but race seems to matter more.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

LNews Broadband Access Held Hostage!

I haven't forgotten you, darling. Really, I haven't. It's just that I've recently moved house and Verizon is holding my broadband access hostage until August 17th. So in the meantime, get rowdy and make some news so I'll have even more to update you on when I get back online. Kisses!

-- Your humble LNews Editor

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Capturing Time (and Wine) In a Bottle

Link Lesbian vintner Peg Raley operates the only winery in Delaware -- which was illegal at the start. She's also quite the looker, and yes, this article does feature a dazzling photo of her.

UN Chides US Over Lack of Gay Rights

Link The United Nations report says the United States needs to crack down on gay bashing and other forms of discrimination. The list is pretty appalling, too.

Florida Governor Candidate Okay With Civil Unions

Link But don't get him wrong. He's still not for full marriage rights, but it is a good sign for the Sunshine State.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Labor Unions to Fight Against Marriage Ban

Link An unlikely ally has joined the fight for marriage rights in Wisconsin. The political arm of the AFSCME fears a marriage ban could take away its right to argue for benefits for domestic partners.

Study: Health Care Affected by Coming Out

Link New Zealand lesbians who came out to their health care providers say the disclosure resulted in a lower quality of care than if they'd pretended to be straight. However, by staying closeted, doctors may miss health issues that LGBT patients are more likely to face -- particularly the mental health symptoms that arise from being closeted.