Thursday, June 29, 2006

Survey: Top Queer Travel Spots for 2006

(Link) Start brushing up on your bad Espanol, senoritas. "Sus chalupas son grandes y hermosos! El esposo sea mi voluntad usted?"

Arkansas Court Okays Gay Foster Parents

(Link) Quoth the court: "Arkansas cannot ban homosexuals from becoming foster parents because there is no link between their sexual orientation and a child's well-being."

Out Musician Offers Bible-Thumpin' Beats

(Link) How can you not love an artist described “a nightmare for conservative Christians"? Martha Stevens' mission: Besides the obvious, it's leading BALM aka "Born Again Lesbian Music". Did we mention she's a hottie?

Teen "Lesbians" Can Sue the School

(Link) California's Supreme Court gave the okay for two teens to sue their Christian high school for booting them out under suspicions that they were "contrary to Christian decency." A toast: "To contrariness, wherever it may be!"

Amnesty International is On Our Side

(Link) And that scares the bejeebus out of! Just look at their warning on the new Superman flick. "Beware of humanistic overtones!" A fresh steaming pile of booga-booga, indeed.

Pentagon Backpedals on "Disorder" Stance

(Link) "Oops! Did we say something was a 'mental illness' that the APA wrote off as normal more than 30 years ago? Just kidding! We still don't like homos, though."

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Melissa Etheridge Caps Off Seattle Pride

(Link) In case you were dancing around the fountain at Seattle Center on Sunday, here's the scoop on the concert you missed. Read it and weep, Soggy-Pants.

PFLAG to Ring Closing Bell at NYSE June 30th

(Link) PFLAG's trip to Wall Street means to "ring the closing bell on homophobia" -- and highlight the $1 trillion buying power the queer dollar has these days in the US. Ass kissing by the advertisers

Lesbian Head of U.C., Santa Cruz, Commits Suicide

(Link) A permanent solution to a temporary problem leaves us with more questions than answers. It also leaves her partner and community without their strongest ally.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dykes on Bikes: Still Roaring at 30

(Link) Pride parades and festies filled up the weekend in cities around the United States, with Dykes on Bikes leading the pack in nearly all of 'em. There's just something about that combo of loud bikes and hot women in leather. Lipstick optional.

Social Taboos Restrict Lesbian Relationships

(Link) Relationships aren't always easy to come by, and they're even harder to aquire and maintain when you've got strict societal pressures hurled at you. Here's yet another case in India that involves jail time.

New Store Promises Hassle-free Lesbian Shopping

(Link) Tired of getting stared at when you're browsing through the menswear section at the local clothery? A new boutique in Canada promises a great shopping experience for lesbians, and we suspect it'll be a great place to meet chicks, too!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Seattle's Pride Goes Mainstream

(Link) Is moving the pride fest out of the Capitol Hill queer neighborhood a good thing? Are we going mainstream now, or are local "straight" businesses just wanting some of those pink dollars to roll into their tills?

Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie Plan Lesbian Wedding

(Link) Warm up the Tivo. Those rich and spoiled moronic heiresses will be striving to throw the biggest lesbian wedding ever on an upcoming episode of "The Simple Life." For another couple, that is.

Better Than Pride: Swedish Lesbian Festivals

(Link) The only thing better than a visit from the Swedish Bikini Team is... total immersion in a Swedish Lesbian Festival. Europe's DJ Soulforce reports on what happens when dykes refuse to be invisible.

San Diego Gets Lesbian Fire Chief

(Link) She's joined the ranks of only two dozen female fire chiefs in the whole country, and fewer still of those who are openly gay. You go, grrl!

Pennsylvania Moves to Block Same-Sex Marriage

(Link) Gas prices are outrageous, the economy's sucking wind and the Iraq war rages on endlessly. What to do? Let's drop everything and ban homo weddings!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pentagon Still Calls It "Mental Disorder"

(Link) Frankly, you'd have to be a bit nuts to sign up today anyway with the Fun, Travel and Adventure (FTA) limited to Iraq. Quoth Xena, "Are you suicidal?"

Kentucky Co-Mom Loses Custody Fight

(Link) Not only is it a hard slam against same-sex parents, it could reverberate through all non-biological parenting cases -- including the grandparents who raised a kid when mom was too strung out to do it.

Monday, June 19, 2006

"Sexual Deviants Don't Belong on DC Metro"

(Link) Needless to say, the blowhard who uttered that statement has been blown off the DC Metro's board of directors by Maryland's governor. Bonus: If you've been reading LNews since February, you know why the guy's statement is amusingly ridiculous! Let's review an article from the archives...

Brazil Pride Draws Crowd of 2.4 Million

(Link) Even if your city's pride draws only a few hundred, Sao Paolo knows how to lead by example -- by throwing a huge bash only two days after 3,000,000 evangelicals marched down the same street.

First Lesbian Hotline Opens in China

(Link) Only $3.99 per minute, must be 18 or older. Fine print doesn't mention free egg roll or extra Ginsu knives with each call.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Arson Destroys LGBT Books in Chicago

(Link) Ninety percent of the library's queer literature was wiped out by what police are calling arson, not a hate crime. Give that tattered copy of "Rubyfruit Jungle" some love today, and support your local lesbian writer.

Survey: Most Buyers Okay With Gay Marketing

(Link) Slightly more than half said they wouldn't support a boycott against a company that marketed to the LGBT crowd. Is it a sign of acceptance or just evidence of rampant apathy in the heartland?

Condi Urges Respect in Same-Sex Marriage Debate

(Link) When asked for her opinion of the issue, Miz Rice demurred. Then again, she may have been too busy setting off our gaydar to respond.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Teacher Arrested for Lesbian Affair With Student

(Link) Proving that pederasty isn't just for boys, this week's perv story comes to us from Malvern, Arkansas. Are the pickin's so slim that trolling study hall for dates is a good idea now? Ick. Bonus: The police report!

Possible: Lesbian Vacations on a Budget?

(Link) Yeah, those Olivia cruises are great if you have a few grand lying around the house. But what about the rest of us? "Dual Income, No Kids" doesn't always mean oodles of cash to burn, but everybody needs to get away sometime. Gay travel companies are finally taking notice.

Homosexuality Divides Episcopal Church

(Link) Much like LNews, gayness apparently is top o' the agenda for the Episcopalians. Thinking of converting? You can still party on Saturday night, but you have to be very regretful about it on Sunday.

30-Something Lesbian is World Champ Powerlifter

(Link) And we're not talking 12-ounce curls, either. If you're interested, she'll be at this year's Gay Games and she's single!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Canada Invites US Couples to Get Hitched

(Link) Need a break from living in a country where the President pushed an anti-gay marriage amendment? Visit Canada! They'll roll out the red carpet and arrange your wedding, too!

Know Thy Neighbor Campaign Spreads Out

(Link) No, not "knowing" in the biblical sense. It's the same campaign that revealed which Massachusetts folks signed a petition for a proposed same-sex marriage ban. Are they smiling in your face while they're voting against your rights behind your back?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Batwoman Bats for the Pink Team Now

(Link) For all you comic-geeks, add another illustrated hottie to our side. Batwoman is now one of us!


To LNews, that is. With Pride Month upon us, and a fresh summer season, we know you're a bubbling, festering cauldron of opinions and ideas. Especially the opinions part. You wouldn't be here unless you had something you were riled about. So commit it to an email and send us your essay -- your two cents worth. For the record, what are you feeling proud -- or @!@#$!@# pissed off about? Share it, and we'll put your voice in "LNews: Other Voices."

Ellen & Anne Meet Again... Post-Breakup

(Link) The former First Couple of "Yep, I'm Gay" meet at a celebrity poker tournament, with new partners in tow. "Heh. You said 'poke her'..."

Bush Backs Marriage Ban Amendment

(Link) The amendment would prohibit states from recognizing same-sex marriages. Despite the fact that this hot button issue got a lot of Republicans elected, the Senate's Repubs aren't going for this one.