Tuesday, July 29, 2008

XBox or SexBox?

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Wank, and you're all by yourself. But who the hell cares if you've got this new gadget for the Nintendo Wii! But wait... perhaps TWO can play this game?

[Editor's Note: Check the Humor section of LNews for more gaming fun. Heh.]


Older lesbians who've been feeling isolated can now connect with each other via the Whirled Whide Webbe, courtesy of a new "cyber center" that's just opened in New York City. It'd be nice to see a chain of these, so more senior sapphists can put down the cat and grab a mouse instead!

Retire Gaily in the Land of Oz

"Oz" as in "Australia, of course. That country's first-ever "retirement haven" for LGBT seniors is in the planning stages by a fellow who says he's doing "because I can." That's reason enough, and yes, if Linton Estates works, he's planning more. Which'll make stalking Olivia Newton-John so much easier in your golden years!

And Baby Makes... Six!

Karen: "We'll double our chances if we BOTH get IVF, Honey."
Martha: "Let's do it!"
Doctor: "Congrats! You're both going to be mothers!"
Karen: "OMG, Martha! This is great! We'll have two siblings!"
Doctor: "Make that two sets of siblings. You're both knocked up with twins."
[Music swells up and out: "Theme from "The Waltons"]

Massachusetts: The Las Vegas of Gay Weddings?

In the good ol' "Bay State", aka Massachusetts, the state House and Senate just finished casting votes that'll pull the plug on an old 1913 law. Said legalism prevented out-of-state couples from marrying there. Kicking it to the curb means you can get hitched legally there, even if you're not a resident. Are you seeing the drive-thru Elvis wedding chapel yet?

Homophobic Pol Cranks Out Bad Comic

Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Reinhart is up for reelection this year, and it's gonna be one tough campaign. He's been accusing of using public office for private gain , so that makes it extra tough. So to stand out in the crowd and capture the coveted "Idiotic Bigot" vote, Reinhart has written and illustrated an anti-gay comic book that's so bad it's completely hilarious!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Homo Homeowners Have More Bennies in CA

And at the moment, they've actually got more rights than an unmarried hetero couple who are co-owners of a house in California. More legal rights may be on the way. At issue here are the two inescapables: death and taxes. In short, how to make sure the surviving partner doesn't get slammed with various real estate and property taxes should the other half of the couple die.

Massachusetts OKs Out-of-State Marriages

All it took was a clever bean counter to convince Massachusetts officials that overturning a 1931 law would be a good idea. Because there's money in them thar gay weddings, even if folks from elsewhere decide to get hitched! Okay now, let's see. You can marry on the East Coast (MA) or the West Coast (CA). How long until this issue will play favorably in Peoria?

About.com's Top Lesbian Podcasts

Not everything has to be about YouTube, ya know. There are some smart, funny chicks out there and they're podcasting their hearts out. So fill up the empty spaces on your MP3 player with some quality content. And if you're a podcaster, send us a link to your rants and raves, eh?

Air America's Sweetheart Wouldn't Mind a TV Deal

Despite the demise of Air America, one of the cuter staffers is alive and kicking. And politely hollering when necessary. Rachel Maddow, who does in fact bat for the pink team, just might be media's next big name. Thanks for the tip, Marissa! [Editor's Note: Air America may not be playing on your local radio station, but it is streaming live on the AirAmerica website.]

When Rite Aid Gets it Wrong

You'd expect a place like New York City -- a huge, cosmopolitan melting pot of people and cultures -- to be a bit more open-minded than, say Podunk. But a sign posted on the front of a major drugstore chain begs to differ. Includes a fun game of "watch the PR people spin!"

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Science of Gaydar, Part Two

This time it's chemical! Ah, that moment when your eyes meet over a coffee date and you can barely hear the Uhaul idling outside... No, wait. That other chemistry. The kind that scientists deal with. Hot, steamy amygdala action that says "we're here, we're queer, it's SCIENCE!" The proof is in the petrie dish, and some say it could start a Culture War (tm).

Where is Same-Sex Marriage Legal?

At a barbecue last weekend, a friend of mine was shocked to discover that Virginia (whose informal, tourist motto is "Virginia is for Lovers") does not allow gay marrriage. She's now perusing the archives of this blog, reading horror stories and discovering that Virginia is among the least queer-friendly states in the US.
So where is marriage legal? What about domestic partnerships? What states can I scratch off my "Must Visit" list? Behold, a lovely clickable map for your enlightenment.

McDonalds is Under Fire from the AFA

Those paragons of virtue, the American Family Association (AFA), are up to their boycott-a-licious antics again. This time, it's Ronald McDonald in the crosshairs. Oh, it's not about homosexuals flipping burgers or even questioning that company's dubious role in the industrialization of the food industry. Or that they've played a prime role in turning the American Family (tm) into a pack of obese land manatees. It's about some ads they've put in LGBT media. The Culture Wars (tm) are on, beeyotch!

Finally, Jesse Helms is Dead at 86

He was one of America's most outspoken racist, sexist homophobic congress critters, and the state of North Carolina kept him in office for 30 years. He was apparently proud of being gentlemanly jackass, if there is such a thing.