Monday, December 22, 2008

LGBT Band to Perform in Obama Inauguration

Here's one participating group we can be happy about: one of the groups that'll perform in Obama's Inaugural Parade is the 177-piece strong Lesbian and Gay Band Association. This is the first time in history that a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender group will march in a Presidential Inaugural Parade. Make a joyous noise, indeed!

Rachel Maddow Rakes Up New Dirt on Pastor Warren

We never cared for this very beary pop culture Christian much before. Now Rachel brings many, many more reasons not to like the guy. Anybody want to take bets on how long it'll be before he's caught either fiddling the kiddies or having a "wide stance" in a public restroom?

Lesbian Gang-Raped in California

Hate crimes aren't slacking off one bit. If anything, they're getting worse. This story is proof. Police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the attackers.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't Tell Me Who to Love

Excellent video from Soulforce that needs to be passed around. FYI, the interracial couple mentioned in it are Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving, the couple whose love and courage were instrumental in overturning laws against interracial marriage in the United States. The case was appropriately named "Loving vs Virginia."

Lesbian Youth At High Risk for Pregnancy

Yep, you read that right. Whether they're trying to screw the gay away or just have a cover story that prevents other kids (or their parents) from finding out they're baby dykes, some lesbian teens are engaging in risky hetero sex -- and dealing with the consequences.

Debate: The Bible and Gay Marriage

Two bible scholars throw down for a Newsweek debate on the Bible and same-sex marriage. The contenders: Bill Wylie-Kellerman, a United Methodist serving as pastor at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Detroit. His sparring partner: Dr. Barrett Duke, vice president for public policy and research at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. A long article, but definitely worth the read.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lindsay Lohan is Out

Former funny hottie turned druggie-drunk Lindsay Lohan has mellowed out and cleaned up her act, thanks to the influence of her girlfriend. Yes, her lesbian-relationship girlfriend. Lindsay confirmed the rumors recently that she and DJ-musician Samantha Ronson have been an item for more than a year now. Gossipy love letters from a Rehabbing Lindsay are here, and Samantha's Myspace page features Lindsay as her Number One Friend. And Lindsay's got Samantha as her Number One friend. Ain't that sweet?

Jamaica Down On Lesbian Club

And not in a good way. Seems the very idea of gay women socializing together strikes fear in the hearts of righteous Jamaicans, who claim "That cah gwan eno. We lick out pan things like that." Whatever that means. Most likely, it means an Olivia cruise won't be docking in that island paradise anytime soon.

Lesbian Couple Fights to Keep Baby

Despite rescuing an infant from a drug-addled mom (and unknown father), a lesbian couple is heading to court for the right to retain custody of the child after a judge ruled the tiny tot should be placed in a "traditional" home. Meaning, a hetero married man and woman couple. Not two lesbians, regardless of their parenting skills

Says the couples' lawyer: "What I can say about these two women is that they are far and above, based on my experience in dealing with them . . . they are far and above conceivably the best foster parents we have in this county."

Gay Marriage Backers to Protest Wedding

After claiming he had a neutral "live and let live" attitude about it, Florida Governor Charlie Crist switched his opinion and backed the state's new amendment banning same-sex marriage. As a result, his upcoming wedding's gonna get a few extra guests. Some of whom suspect that Charlie's a closet case himself.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama May Pick Lesbian for Labor Secretary

Mary Beth Maxwell is a community organizer and labor leader with an adopted African American son. She's also a gay woman and may be named the next Secretary of Labor. She's getting good buzz from certain members of the AFL-CIO and other labor groups. However, this news has the religio-fundamentalist crowd in a state of horrified panic.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

US Blows Off UN Gay Rights Declaration

Tomorrow marks the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and one of the highlights of the program will be a UN declaration calling for the global decriminalization of homosexuality. The United States, however, has not jumped on board, and is one of the few Western countries still ignoring LGBT rights.

And yes, the article does include an informative worldwide sh*tlist of the countries who aren't signing up to stop prison terms for being gay or lesbian.

The Vatican's also catching flak for being aggressively against the declaration. No surprise there, but here's an article about it. Bonus: the last two paragraphs reveal a lot of hypocrisy at the UN.

Wanda Sykes is Out

We're not the only folks pissed off about California's marriage rights being taken away. Comedian Wanda Sykes is also pissed, and she's finally decided to step out of the closet and be loud and proud of being gay. And black. And a woman.

Where to Go for the Holidays

Cheesed your way out of another uncomfortable holiday season with the family? Good for you! Now treat yourself to a actually pleasant vacation by checking out some recommendations from Out Traveller, ala their 2008 Readers Choice Awards for the best in LGBT travel.

The obvious choices are there, but you might be surprised at some of the locations gay and lesbian travellers chose as great places to get away.

Prop 8: The Musical

A darling little star-studded musical that really should have landed in our inbox about a month ago. Still, it's worth sharing.

Wednesday's To Do List: Be Gay

Remember that old joke about "if being gay is an illness, let's all call in to work queer tomorrow?" Well, a new protest for December 10th is exactly that -- and designed to let the US workforce know what it's like to go "a Day Without a Gay." It's also International Human Rights day.

With the headlines dominated by how crappy the economy is, and how many people are getting laid off, I'll leave it to you to decide if protesting this way is a good idea right now.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's Official: Barack Obama Wins!

Yes we can, and yes we DID! Obama scored almost twice as many votes as the McFailin' campaign, and the United States has its first biracial (or African-American, if you prefer) president.

He's also (to the best of my knowledge) the only candidate to ever mention gay people in his acceptance speech.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Baby Daddy Donor Drama in Oz

Lesbian couples who've opted to visit the sperm donor clinic in Adelaide, Australia have a lot more in common than they bargained for. Lack of regulatory oversight means that 30 of those darling babies have the same donor daddy. Seeing the inherent humor in the situation, the gals got together for a big picnic, and now the government's afraid some of those same-donor babies might grow up to fall in love with each other - raising the scary specter of inbreeding! It's happened in the US, too. Pass the potato salad and cue the banjos...

Suffragists: The Women Who Got Your Vote

You may have seen the flick, "Iron-Jawed Angels", about those brave women who endured jail, torture and worse in order to get women the legal right to vote in the United States. Now check out the histories and photos of the REAL iron-jawed angels, members of the National Woman's Party who were arrested and imprisoned for their role in suffrage protests.

They were all ages, rich, middle-class and poor and came from some pretty diverse backgrounds. But they all had the same goal. If reading their stories and looking into their eyes doesn't convince you to make them proud by voting this year, there's just no hope for ya. (Link goes to a PDF document, so you can forward it around via email. Also the pic is the real Alice Paul, portrayed in the movie by Hilary Swank.)

Think You're a Tough Chick?

Consider becoming a bodyguard! Rappers and royals both are showing a trend of choosing females instead of males when it comes to guarding their personal safety. The gig requires brains more than brawn, plus you get to pack heat and hang with celebs. Plus, it's a gay-friendly gig.

Gina Gershon Takes on Sarah Palin

Ah, that Gina. She's a talented, hawt and funny lady! Here's her mockumentary ad on McCain's un-brilliant choice for Vice Prez, starring Gina as Sarah. In a bikini, even!

Connecticut Gay Weddings Start In November

The wedding applications are already printed and waiting in Connecticut, with the new option of "spouse" instead of just "bride" or "groom", and legal clerks are gearing up for long lines of applicants starting on November 10th. But if you're not up for an actual wedding, civil unions are still an option.

Californians Oppose Gay Marriage Ban

Samuel L. Jackson unleashes some righteous anger regarding the Prop 8 issue -- without dropping the MF bomb even once. The latest polls are showing that the "Say No to Prop 8" movement is gaining strength in prep for Tuesday's vote. Proposition 8, if passed, would eliminate same-sex marriage in California. It's been legal there since June 16th, 2008.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

National Coming Out Day is Saturday, Oct. 11th

Shine your Doc Martins, put extra product in your hair or do whatever it takes to dress up in your gayest apparel this weekend for National Coming Out Day -- even if you're already out. Heck, if you're out, be supportive to those who are coming out.

Seriously, if they knew how many of us are REALLY out there, they'd be a lot nicer to us, don't ya think?

A few tips for those planning the big first time self-outing here. Also, right-clicking on the pride flag over there will allow you to save the graphic to your puter, print it out and tape it on your windshield. Because it's especially important to be out during Election Season.

California Tops Massachusetts in Gay Marriages

The Golden State legalized same-sex marriage in June 2008, and the West Coasties are leading the pack in grrl-grrl/boy-boy nuptials. Is it the sunny weather? Or are Cali girls more anxious to be wed while the Mass babes are taking it slow?

C of E Rev Slammed for Anti-Gay Blog Slur

The Church of England Reverend Peter Mullen may get blown out on his backside over a little quip on his blog, that queers should be tattooed with a warning label on their backsides: "Sodomy can seriously damage your health."

Now, is he referring to boy sodomy or girl sodomy? Would he change his tune if it was two hot chicks going at it? In either case, the joke ain't funny.

Potential Marriage Ban Brings Out Cali Voters, Cash

Spirits are high in California, where a ballot initiative's been floating around that would quash same-sex marriage in that state. Both the "fors" and the "againsts" have poured a combined $41.2 million bucks into the issue.

"For an issue like this, it's a lot of money," said Rachel Weiss, a spokeswoman for the national Organization on Money in State Politics. "California is in its own universe."

LGBT Candidates Hope for Breakthroughs

The top spot isn't the only one up for grabs this November. It's also election season for other federal, state and local offices. This year, LGBT candidates are seeing some good trends and hoping for a big election year breakout. Among them is South Carolina's Linda Ketner, Oregon's Kate Brown, Texas' Lupe Valdez. In 2004, Valdez became the first woman, first lesbian and first Latina sheriff.

Seriously grrls. If you want to see more people like you in office, register and vote!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Katy "Kissed a Girl" Perry's Parents Are Pissed

"I Kissed a Girl" popped up on the radio about every 15 minutes over the summer, made Katy Perry a bit of a star. Her evangelical parents are horrified. Perhaps they've forgotten the gospel album their daughter did in 2001 under the name Katy Hudson?

McCain, Obama Avoid "Marriage Issue"

Although same-sex marriage may be a hot button for some voters, US Prez contenders are doing their best to avoid the issue this go 'round. With anti-marriage amendments potentially popping up in three states, this has been no easy task. Proponents of both sides are itching for a comment in their favor -- and soon!

Not registered to vote yet? Do it here. It's free! And yes, your vote counts.

Brad Pitt Donates Cash to Marriage Ban Fight

Sure, we may envy him his Angelina, but we still think Brad's a nice guy. Especially after hearing that he's dropped a huge wad of cash to help fight a California ballot initiative that would overturn same-sex marriage in that state. Let's hope his generosity rubs off on other celebs.

If you're a California, there's plenty you can do to Fight Proposition 8.

Ellen: The New Face of Cover Girl

We always knew she was a beauty, but now a major cosmetic company's finally figuring it out. Ellen Degeneres has been named the new face of Cover Girl. Don't worry. They're not painting her up like a hussy.

Heather Matarazzo Gets Engaged

The actress who's played Stacey Merkin on The L Word -- and Dawn Weiner in "Welcome to the Dollhouse" -- has recently proposed to her girlfriend of one year. And her girlfriend proposed right back.

Poll: Sexiest Women on the Planet

A recent survey of 4,000 Australian lesbians reveals their top choices of "Women We'd Love to Love." Perennial US favorites like Gina Gershon and Angelina Jolie aren't on the list, so keep in mind this is what the Aussie babes are looking for. And frankly, there are some lovely choices here. Link includes slideshow of hotties, too.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Palin's Church: "Pray Away the Gay!"

John McCain's anti-woman, vastly younger choice of a veep candidate, Sarah Palin, was obviously chosen with fundie moms in mind. Her church subscribes to the anti-gay religious conversion plan, and yes, she's got a staunchly anti-gay record, too. Despite the claim she has "good friends" who are gay.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Interview: Comedian Julie Goldman

You've seen her on Logo's "Big Gay Sketch Show" as many outrageous characters. Her lack of shame and keen wit make her adorably cute. Curve has the interview with Julie Goldman.

Atlanta's Femme Mafia's Still Partying

Here's an offer you can't refuse: "Have you recently been laid-off or demoted at your job? Have you found yourself making "the call" to Comcast to finally sacrifice your access to Showtime? Perhaps you're rolling quarters as we speak, just so you can put some over-priced gas in your car tomorrow?? Sounds like you're just in time for our fabulous Recession-Proof After-Party! The party goal is to forget about all of our worries and cares for one unforgettable evening of D&D (drinks & debauchery, of course!)." If you're in the Atlanta area, get in touch with the super and sassy Femme Mafia and join the fun!

Lesbian Sex & Sexuality: Season 2 Kicks Off

Here TV's smart, funny docu-series about us gals and what we like kicks off the second season with a look at the delightfully smutty-campy allure of lesbian burlesque.

Study: Higher Ed No Guarantee of Tolerance

The American Political Science Association took a survey recently among its group members, and found some interesting numbers regarding the LGBT political science educators. Seems quite of few of them are still experiencing some harsh discriminatory attitudes from their co-horts.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lesbian Activist Del Martin Dies at 87

Pioneering lesbian rights activist Del Martin, who married her lifelong partner in June on the first day that same-sex couples here gained that right, died Wednesday. She was 87. she and her partner, Phyllis Lyons, were among the first and strongest voices for lesbian visibility and rights.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

AARP Now Pushing Rights for LGBT Seniors

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), one of the US's most powerful lobby groups, is taking up the cause of gay and lesbian senior citizens. Over the next 25 years, those aged 65 and above will make up about 20% of the US population, and of those, approximately 4.7 million will be gay or lesbian.

Ecuador May Okay Same-Sex Marriage

That country's drafting up a new constitution that includes the right of same-sex couples to marry. Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa says the need to include it is -- gasp! -- based on the teachings of Jesus: "Jesus of Nazareth never preached hatred, homophobia or segregation; instead he knew to say, 'Love one another.'"

Gay Marriage in Massachusetts Under Fire

Anti-gay bigots are renewing their attack on the four-year-old legal change that allowed same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. Specifically, they're trying to create a ballot question regarding the ability of out-of-staters to tie the knot in MA -- something they say could turn the state into "the Las Vegas of Gay Marriage."

Vandals Attack Berlin Gay Memorial

Thugs smashed a display feature and pulled down a fence around one of the world's only memorials to gay and lesbian Holocaust victims. Located in Berlin, the three-month-old monument features a film of a same-sex couple kissing that visitors can view through a window. The engraving on the triangle, translated: "Put to death - 'put to silence' - for the homosexual victims of National Socialism"

Ellen & Portia Get Hitched

After four years of dating, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are finally tying the knot in California. Says Ellen, "I feel like I found my perfect fit."

Friday, August 08, 2008

Homosexuality's Genetic Edge

We've all heard the argument that since gayness doesn't cause reproduction, it must not be a good thing in terms of evolution. But if it's such a disadvantage in the evolutionary rat race, why was it not selected into oblivion millennia ago? Apparently, being "family" can be good for your family.

Nope, Britney's Not Trying It

Gosh darn. Just when a trashy, former pop star's trying to make a comeback from rehab, the psych ward, and lots of other drama. Rumor mill had previous whispered that Britney Spears might be playing a lesbian stripper in an upcoming Tarantino flick. Apparently, it's not so. And we're crushed, because it might have given "Showgirls" some competition in the Lesbian Trash Movie competition...

Lesbian Detective Series Coming to TV?

"The Seer" has been billed as Cagney and Lacy, meets Medium, meets the L-Word. It's in the works at the "Here!" TV cable network. Clairvoyant lesbians with guns! And uniforms! Check your listings and warm up the Tivo. And keep your fingers crossed for Katherine V Forrest, too. Her Kate Delafield mysteries may be coming to a big screen near you soon. See Lee Lynch's latest in the "Other Voices" link here.

What Filipino Lesbians are Not

If you've ever bumped up against the pink glass ceiling, you already know how crappy that feels. To know you're being quietly discriminated against because you're honest about your private life, that you have a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend or that the woman in the picture frame on your cubical wall isn't your buddy. She's your partner of perhaps several years. Finally, we hear a clear voice from a guy who lays to waste all the myths about "lesbians in management."

Lesbian Olympic Torch Runner Carries the Flame

The 2008 Olympics kicked off today in China, and with that country's overzealous security measures, chronic pollution and crackdown on flag-waving, this promises to be the most un-fun Olympics ever! We do, however, have a bright spot. Ellen Degeneres carried the torch for Athens 2004, and this year we've got another out lesbian bringing on the flame: out lesbian journalist Helen Zia.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

XBox or SexBox?

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Wank, and you're all by yourself. But who the hell cares if you've got this new gadget for the Nintendo Wii! But wait... perhaps TWO can play this game?

[Editor's Note: Check the Humor section of LNews for more gaming fun. Heh.]


Older lesbians who've been feeling isolated can now connect with each other via the Whirled Whide Webbe, courtesy of a new "cyber center" that's just opened in New York City. It'd be nice to see a chain of these, so more senior sapphists can put down the cat and grab a mouse instead!

Retire Gaily in the Land of Oz

"Oz" as in "Australia, of course. That country's first-ever "retirement haven" for LGBT seniors is in the planning stages by a fellow who says he's doing "because I can." That's reason enough, and yes, if Linton Estates works, he's planning more. Which'll make stalking Olivia Newton-John so much easier in your golden years!

And Baby Makes... Six!

Karen: "We'll double our chances if we BOTH get IVF, Honey."
Martha: "Let's do it!"
Doctor: "Congrats! You're both going to be mothers!"
Karen: "OMG, Martha! This is great! We'll have two siblings!"
Doctor: "Make that two sets of siblings. You're both knocked up with twins."
[Music swells up and out: "Theme from "The Waltons"]