Friday, December 30, 2005

Queerest Quotes from 2005

(Link) While the bubbly's chilling for New Year's Eve 2006, let's take a look back at what our friends -- and enemies -- had to say during the year we're leaving behind...

Lesbians on Ice

(Link) A writer heads for Antarctica to write a book on the eccentrics who live there and finds herself a girlfriend while she's at it. (If you don't have a account, you can read the entire article in Comments here. That's what the JIC Posts are for.)

South's OIdest Lesbian Bookstore May Close

(Link) Since 1974, Charis Books & More has been a focal point for Atlanta's womens community. But after 30 + years, the store's owners wonder: "Do feminist bookstores even need to exist anymore?"

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pentagon: Queer Kiss-In Deemed "Credible Threat"

(Link) Kissing your girlfriend is now a possible act of terrorism, so pucker up and be a rebel!

Study: Generation Gap Affects LGBT Communication

(Link) Sure, those kids today are comin' out of the closet earlier, but they're completely unaware of the decades of activism that made it safer to open up. Hey, you punks get off my lawn!

Maine's Anti-Discrimination Law Now in Effect

(Link) After a 30-year effort and two attempts to stop it, Maine becomes the last of the New England states to bar discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2005: Was It Good For You, Baby?

(Link) With so many other countries opening the way for same-sex marrige,Detroit News' Deb Price likes to think of this past year as "The Year of Global Warming". Still feels chilly in here, though. Toss another fundie on the fire, will ya?

Dykes & the C-Word

(Link) Are hard drinking and heavy smoking really giving lesbians cancer in greater numbers than their straight sisters? New studies show that...well, maybe not.

California Anti-Marriage Groups Postpone Fight

(Link) Citing a laundry list of why they're backing down, two California groups striving to crush the prospect of same-sex weddings slither off into the distance. And good riddance, we say!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Interview: Melissa Etheridge

(Link) Melissa Etheridge talks about her start in the biz, her relationship with Tammy and how life is better after 40 -- even if you have to fight through cancer to get there.

Virginia Governor Orders Protections for State Workers

(Link) Mark Warner, governor of the state with the harshest anti-queer laws in the US, has pushed through a pro-queer employment law. Virginians react: “If the state passes a law like this, a public school teacher all of a sudden puts a picture of her so-called partner on her desk!" Oh, the horror...

Portia De Rossi Voted One of TV's Sexiest Women

(Link) A recent poll gives the future Mrs Ellen Degeneres a hottie stamp of approval: “Did I mention her affiliation with the lesbian party? Every guy knows that just multiplies a woman's sexiness, imagination running amok with possibilities.” Keep dreamin', boys.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Laurel Hester's Wonderful Life, Part Three

(Link) This is the final part of our three part series about Laurel Hester, the woman whose terminal cancer has embroiled her in a domestic partnership benefits controversy with the local government in Ocean County, New Jersey.

New Bill Makes Felons of Binational Couples

(Link) Republicans are pushing a bill that would criminalize the US half of binational couples -- particularly those who can't marry their partners and make 'em legal spouses. "If a U.S. citizen were living with [an undocumented] partner, he or she could be subject to criminal prosecution, imprisonment, mandatory foreclosure of homes or assets."

California Lutheran School Facing Expulsion Lawsuit

(Link) Although the two grrls weren't smooching publicly, a California high school booted them out because there is still a bond of intimacy ... characteristic of a lesbian [relationship]. ... Such a relationship is unchristian." Atheists and Jewish students are still welcome to attend, though.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Laurel Hester's Wonderful Life, Part Two

(Link) This is the second part of our three part series about Laurel Hester, the woman whose terminal cancer has embroiled her in a domestic partnership benefits controversy with the local government in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Feds Go After Lesbian-Baiting Coach

(Link) Former Penn State player joins a new team , this time of lawyers, who plan to point out to Coach Rene Portland that dyke-bashing isn't just mean -- it's illegal.

Lesbian Asylum Seeker Ends Hunger Strike

(Link) She seeks safe haven in a new country because homophobic violence in Zimbabwe will kill her. After nearly killing herself by skipping food for 33 days, she finally got the UK's attention.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Laurel Hester's Wonderful Life, Part One

(Link) When a New Jersey cop was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she hoped to pass on her pension benefits to her partner. The group that handles those benefits first ignored her claim, then they denied it. Finally, they simply ran away, leaving behind a dying woman in a wheelchair.

Wal-Mart Flirts with US Queer Market

(Link) With the company's UK stores happily selling same-sex wedding goodies, Wal-Mart ponders how they might appeal for the US queer dollar. Cue the American Family Association with a heapin' helpin' of Righteous Indignation (tm)!

Indianpolis Bans Anti-Queer Discrimination

(Link) Despite efforts to block it by a host of conservative groups, the measure passed on the second go 'round by a single vote. Sit back and watch as tolerance breaks out all over Hoosier Land!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pentagon Keeping Tabs on Queer Groups

(Link) If you thought "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was bad enough, now your softball team is being labeled as a possible Al Qaeda front? Puh-leeze.

Lesbian Couple First to Wed in UK

(Link) Begorrah! The Irish beat the English in the race to tie the same-sex knot. The couple gets bonus points for being one of those transcontinental romances that actually worked out.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Sundance Film Fest's 2006 Lesbian Lineup

(Link) With that gay cowboy movie getting so much attention, it's nice to know there are a few grrl-oriented indie flicks we can hope to see.

UK's Tories Appoint Out Lesbian Vice-Chairman

(Link) Perhaps the only time you'll see the words "lesbian" and "conservative" in the same sentence.

State Senator Wants to Ban Gay-Straight Clubs

(Link) "Oh, that silly Sen. Buttars,'' said Dani Eyer, executive director of the Utah chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. "What would we do without him?"

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Study: Women Do Go Wild for Hot Monkey Love

(Link) A new scientific study shows what the Discovery Channel has known for years: that women in particular are heated by those animal mating scenes. Coming soon: hot grrl-grrl bonobo monkey action!

US's First Civil Unioned Couple Breaks Up

(Link) After five years of being the first couple in the United States joined in a legal civil union, Vermonters Carolyn Conrad and Kathleen Peterson are calling it quits. Even sadder, domestic violence seems to be the issue.

Ford Flips, Will Put More Ads in Queer Mags

(Link) In a decision that's sure to ruffle fundie feathers, the Ford Motor Company will return to advertising vehicles in GLBT mags -- and will now include the company's entire lineup of rides.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"The Breakup Notebook" Gets a Rave

(Link) That gay cowboy movie may be getting lots of airtime, but a funny and sincere little lesbian musical is gathering lots of attention in the world of live theater.

Iowa Couples Suing for Marriage Rights

(Link) You just never hear things like "radical" and "Iowa" in the same sentence, but six Iowans are suing for the right to be just as married as their boring, stable, hetero neighbors.

Former Players Say Coach is Anti-Lesbian

(Link) Former Penn State players are coming forward with more tales of Rene Portland's homophobic coaching techniques -- which apparently include threats, humiliation and derogatory remarks aimed at those she perceived to be lesbians.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Now on Sale: LWord Bling & Perfume

(Link) So what if you don't look like Shane. Now you can smell like her -- for only $75 a pop! Whether you get as much action is all up to you.

Queer Clubs Fear Impact of D.C. Smoking Ban

(Link) With nanny states (and cities) banning indoor smoking, bars fear for the future: a sudden drop in patronage, hordes of drunken dyke smokers hovering on the sidewalk outside, the cost of replacing the cocktail peanuts with bowls of Nicorette and Skoal Bandits.

LGBT Groups Ask Ford to Reinstate Ads

(Link) Sure you might not be able to afford a Jaguar, but those Ford Motor Company ad dollars keep your queer publications in print. Speaking of ads, click a few in here, Scrooge. Broadband's not getting any cheaper, ya know.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Government Study: 1 in 16 Brits is Queer

(Link) A study of the "pink pound" (LGBT spending power) and the financial implications of the UK's new Civil Partnership Act shows that about 6 percent of that country's population -- about 3.6 million people -- bat for their own team. Is it in the water?

Lesbian Candidate Wins Post By a Few Hundred Votes

(Link) Despite being outspent by her opponent, Sue Lovell won her post on Houston's City Council by a mere 579 votes. "If you think that your vote doesn't count, this is an example that it does," Lovell said.

Supermodel Ex Says Angelina Still Makes Booty Calls

(Link) Supermodel Jenny Shimizu says she and Angelina Jolie still "get together" since they hooked up during the filming of "Foxfire" in 1993. She also says Brad's nuts if he thinks Angelina's gonna become the wifey type.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Lesbian Teen Sues Christian High School

(Link) Ninth-grader Jessica Bradley didn't expect to be booted out of school for kissing her girlfriend. And Covenant Christian School didn't expect her dad to hit back with a million-dollar lawsuit over it, either.

Wal-Mart Introduces Queer Wedding Gift Line

(Link) Although the "fundie/family friendly" chain carries only bible stories and Ann Coulter rants in its book section in the US, the UK branch is selling up a storm of queer cards, commitment rings and gay gifties now that same-sex civil unions are legit there.

"Dykes on Bikes" Now Federally Protected

(Link) US Patent and Trademark Office backs down from last year's refusal to trademark the group's name, claiming it was "disparaging to lesbians" (and freeing it up for use by money-making enterprises). "Dykes on Bikes" is now trademarked and the property of the original non-profit group itself.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

High School Trip to See "Rent" Too Queer for the Crowd

(Link) Shocked to find that it does not reflect the typical smalltown Rhode Island lifestyle, Focus on the Family calls the film "an in-your-face glorification of homosexuality and lesbianism." Glorification of lesbianism? Woo hoo! Put us down for a big ol' pack of tickets to see that flick!

LGBT Americans Slow to Warm to Civil Unions

(Link) Trends are showing more nuptials taking place in a state that offers full marriage over one that offers civil unions. Lack of committment or just that American habit of shopping for the best deal?

Lesbian Couple Sentenced in Assault

(Link) How to make Woman on Woman violence worse than it already is? Make it two against one.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oklahoma's Anti-Gay Adoption Policy Under Fire

(Link) When same-sex couples are afraid to even take their adopted kids to visit the state, you know something's wrong. Lambda Legal lawsuit takes on the harshest anti-gay measures in the country.

Interview: Lesbian Novelist Lauren Sanders

(Link) Curve magazine chats up Lambda Literary Award winner, Lauren Sanders about her latest novel -- a scary romance called "With or Without You."

Fundies Now Aiming at Queer-Friendly Corporations

(Link) Not satisified with infiltrating the US government, Christian fundamentalists are setting their sites on disrupting commerce. Remember how they scared us all away from Gay Day at Disney?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tampa Woman Sues Lesbian Cheerleader

(Link) When two NFL cheerleaders get busted making out in a bathroom stall, there's just not enough publicity to go around. What to do? Bring on the lawsuits, of course!

Deck the Halls and Queer Up the Family Tree

(Link) Because the Nuclear Family (tm) is not the norm, a Canadian Queer Parenting Initiative makes a family tree for the rest of us -- and the posters are selling like hotcakes.

Domestic Violence Leads to Manslaughter Conviction

(Link) Said a friend of longtime couple: "These were two intelligent and articulate women who loved each other very much, so we all still can't understand why it ended like this."

Monday, December 05, 2005

Court to Release Tape of Gay Policy Debate

(Link) The US Supreme Court will be debating whether to overturn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" -- then releasing an audiotape of their arguments with each other about it. No word on when the dance remix will be available yet.

Focus on the Family Dumps Wells Fargo

(Link) Focus on the Family cleans out its Wells Fargo account, citing its promotion of the "radical homosexual agenda." Not sure what our agenda is exactly? See Badphairy's "Extempore" for the details.

Court: Okay to Deny Insemintion to Lesbian

(Link) A California apellate court has decided that two doctors who denied IVF treatment to a lesbian client were within their rights to do so -- because Guadalupe Benitez and her partner of 15 years are not legally married.

Friday, December 02, 2005

KD Lang Sues Business Manager for Theft

(Link) With access to the Canadian songbird's checkbook, kd's manager indulged her constant craving for cash to tune of several thousand bucks. For "fees" and "expenses", of course.

Lesbian Teen Wins Privacy Suit Against School

(Link) To punish 17-year-old Charlene Nguon for being openly affectionate with her girlfriend, her high school decided to out her to her parents and force her to change schools. Discipline or invasion of privacy? Survey says...

Jewish Dating Service Now Open to Same-Sex Searches

(Link) Dating meshugeneh shiksas got you all fahklempt? Stop wasting your time using Focus on the Family's dating site and find yourself a nice Jewish grrl instead!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

HRC Publishes Buyer's Guide of Queer-Friendly Companies

(Link) COMMENTSJust in time for the socially-conscious gift-giving season, the Human Rights Campaign gives us a list so we can shop at the places that "nice" instead of "naughty" to us all. And yes, we did snicker a bit that "Eating Out" is listed as a category...

Schwartzenegger Names Out Democrat as Chief of Staff

(Link) No, Susan Kennedy is not just openly Democratic. She's been married to her partner Susan since 1999. How ticked off are the Republicans about it? Enough so that they've already dedicated a website to "stopping" her.

Same-Sex Marriage Coming to South Africa

(Link) A lesbian couple challenges the definition of common law marriage and voila! South Africa joins other enlightened nations in legally recognizing the bond between "wife and spouse".

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Shelter Protects LGBT Kids When Parents Won't

(Link) If you're looking for a worthy cause to donate your holiday bonus to, a place like this might be the right place to invest those bucks.

Madonna's Maverick to Launch Queer Soap Opera

(Link) The muscle-bound Material Girl knows her core audience, and it ain't straight folks. Hence the upcoming primetime drama "San Rafael", which revolves around a group of LGBT folks who share an apartment complex.

Couple Wins Damages in Wedding Reception Case

(Link) Knights of Columbus calendar: Monday's Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser, Wednesday Night's Annual Spaghetti Supper followed by Thursday's Lawsuit Brunch. If you think discrimination -- and a reluctance to return a deposit on a same-sex wedding reception is involved -- say "Bingo!"

Tuesday, November 29, 2005's Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2005

(Link) Buried under the popup ads, frames and advertising clutter of lies a pretty good list of amusing ideas for for the gift giving season. Dyke Duck anyone?

Lesbian Fire Chief Blazes New Ground in Minneapolis

(Link) She's not only the city's first female fire chief -- she's the first openly gay fire chief of any major US city. "People want to know, is it lonely at the top?" Bleskachek said. "And I tell them, you know, I've been an outsider my whole life."

Sandals Resort Chain Drops Anti-Gay Stance

(Link) When enough advertisers refused the company's ads for honeymoon getaways to Antigua, Jamaica, St. Lucia and the Bahamas, Sandals finally backed down on its "straight couples only" stance. Sun and sand for everyone! Woo hoo!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Atlanta Readies for Toy Party and Womens Holiday Ball

(Link) Still wearing your "fat pants" while the swelling from yesterday's food fest subsides? Don't put away that party frock just yet. The season of feasting -- and giving -- is just getting started in Atlanta.

British Couples Gearing Up for Civil Unions

(Link) "[British] society has evolved to a point where people accept people for who they are, not what they are." Let's hope that kinda love gets spread around to the rest of the planet, eh?

Lesbian Sues After Docs Refuse Service

(Link) Although they were happy to provide her with costly treatments for 11 months, the invitro doctors refused to finish the process of making her a mom. Apparently all women treated at the North Coast Women’s Care Medical Group are not treated equally -- especially if they're lesbians.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Victoria's Got a Slightly Kinky Secret

(Link) When a Victoria's Secret store display featured frolicking lesbian mannequins, Virginia's Traditional Values Coalition went into smut-busting action! Quoth Kate Kendall, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights: “If I spent as much time thinking about lesbian sex as they do, I wouldn’t have time to do my real job."

"Postcards from Buster" Feels the Love

(Link) Last year, an animated cartoon bunny was slammed for exposing children to a hardworking lesbian couple who operated a maple syrup farm. The LGBT-friendly Small Change Foundation was deeply touched -- enough to grant Buster enough cash for 10 more episodes.

Top 100 Best Lesbian Places to Live

(Link) Forget those "gay friendly" (aka "boy friendly")lists. Girlfriends Magazine ranks the best cities for for us gals -- with extra points for the cities that featured both Dyke Marches and cheap rent!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lesbian Gang Leader Gets 28 Years for Murder

(Link) Sacre bleu, things are getting crazy in France. Sure the "French lesbian gang leader" part seemed appealing in that "bad grrl" sort of way -- until she shot an unarmed man in the throat.

Dying Worker's House Won't Go To Partner

(Link) Because Ocean County, New Jersey is permitted (but not required)to offer domestic partner benefits, Stacie Andree will be losing both her partner to cancer and her home in just a few months.

Developer Envisions "A Place For Us"

(Link) A Cleveland, Ohio real estate developer's vision: a housing project for the GLBT crowd of all ages. With condos in the half-a-million range, your neighbors will more than likely be the "loaded lesbians" from yesterday's article. But did we mention it'll be in Cleveland?

Monday, November 21, 2005

Little Sisters Bookstore Still Fighting for Life

(Link) Vancouver's celebrated queer bookstore and art emporium continues its battle against Canadian Customs, which deems all adult fare "obscene." But who's going to pay the lawyers?

Washington Governor Sidesteps Marriage Talk

(Link) Although she didn't specifically endorse same-sex marriage, Christine Gregoire did become the first acting governor to address the international Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference in its 21-year history. "We have not lost," Gregoire said. "We have begun. We will win. It will take time. We are not going to allow discrimination in the state of Washington."

The New L Words: "Loaded Lesbians"

(Link) Not "loaded" as in "did you see how loaded that nasty ol' bar trash gal was last night?", but "loaded" as in "loads of cash." According to the UK's Independent Online, the new hotness is dykes with dollars.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Top Ten Lesbian Movie Kisses

(Link) With the internet clogged up by men's versions of what constitutes hot grrl-grrl smooch scenes, it's refreshing to read a list by and for the lesbian audience. No sense in limiting it to 10, though. If they missed any, do add your suggestions to our comments here.

DJ Grrls Shake up DC Club Scene

(Link) Tired of the same boy-oriented dance tunes, lesbian DJs are bringing a punk sensibility -- and better music -- to Ladies Night in DC clubs.

Lesbian Gets 15 Years for Killing Lover's Mom

(Link) The murder isn't as astonishing as the number of people who are glad the old bat is dead -- with the exception of the deceased's sisters, who claim she was nearly a saint.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

"L-Word" Still Hovers Around Womens Sports

(Link) "If a woman is really good at her sport, people will question her sexuality." On the plus side, if she comes out these days, she might end up gaining endorsements instead of losing them all like Martina did in the 80s.

Mauresmo Ends Season With a Key Win

(Link) Amelie Mauresmo takes home the win in the World Tennis Association Championship in Los Angeles. Worth mentioning: A) she's French and B) She's out and C) she's a hottie!

Study: LGBT Crowd Pays More Attention to Ads

(Link) Apparently, gaydar also causes us to notice subtle cues in ads that help us determine whether a company is queer-friendly. Admit it: you never noticed Subaru until you saw that "XENALVR" licence plate in an ad.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Baptist Convention Makes Anti-Gay Policy Official

(Link) When "love the sinner, hate the sin" isn't enough, just demote any church who loves the sinner enough to allow them to take up a pew on Sunday. Eating shellfish and wearing cotton/polyester pantsuits are still A-okay, though.

Anna Nicole Smith Cruises for Barmaids in WeHo

(Link) Not satisified with fries and a shake, Anna Nicole "Trainwreck" Smith visits Hamburger Mary's and gets a Waitress "to go."

Point Foundation Scholar to Appear on Oprah

(Link) Disowned after coming out, lesbian freshman Amanda Jessen tells her story on upcoming Ophrah show entitled, "When I Knew I was Gay."

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Iowa High Schools Clueless Over Discrimination

(Link) "I was forced to wait outside of a locker room and change by myself after I came out, because I wasn't allowed to change in the locker room anymore with the rest of the girls," Emily said. "I can't go anywhere without locking my car doors anymore, because I just don't feel safe."

Civil Unions Now In Effect in the UK

(Link) New ruling may close the gap on your long distance internet romance with that Brit babe. Just sign here and here, and there, and check this box and file this in triplicate with your embassy. Classes in "British Slang" and "Proper Tea Making 101" will begin in 10 minutes.

Homolka a "Positive Role Model", Says Ex-Lover

(Link) A female convict who had a 3-year fling behind bars with Canada's bisexual torturer-killer claims she was a positive influence on her. If that's better than the drunks and druggies you were dating before, chances are you need to raise your standards. Seriously.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Queen Latifah Enjoys a Good Lap Dance

(Link) In fact, she's such a frequent visitor to one titty bar that she's now pals with the dancers. Aww, ain't that sweet?

Muhammad Ali's Daughter: I Am Not Gay

(Link) Hottie (and undefeated boxer) Laila Ali feels the need to release an official statement to the media to say that while she is getting a divorce, she is not gay and definitely not dating Queen Latifah. much underlying truth does it take to require a press release to address a rumor?

Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference Coming to Seattle

(Link) Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire, U.S. Reps. Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin will be among the speakers dishing on ways to bring human rights to the humans who need them. Another big topic: teaching closeted leaders how to step out of the closet.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Out Mag Lists "100 Most Influential" Gays, Lesbian & Supporters

(Link) It's just an excerpt so you'll only read about a few folks, but it does feature Melissa Etheridge and Sheriff Lupe Valdez. The latter broke four records in getting elected: first woman, first Latina, first lesbian, and first Democrat in three decades to be elected sheriff in Dallas County, Texas

Veterans Call On Congress Over "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

(Link) Queer veterans join lawmakers and several city governments to get Congressional attention for the Military Readiness Enhancement Act. If passed, it'd sure put an end to those witch hunts at the softball games and in the Defense Language Institute.

Gay Writers/Directors Talk Hollywood

(Link) Sure, we've got "our own" cable channels now in Here! tv and Logo, but making movies about ourselves is still a hard sell. Why? How Americans define "movie star" has a lot to do with it. Hint: that definition includes words like "white" and "heterosexual."

Thursday, November 10, 2005

PlanetOut Buys Advocate and Out Magazines

(Link) The website known for chatrooms packed with baby dykes buys up two mags that focus on HIV News and fashion/travel/shopping advice for gay men -- making it the weirdest gay marriage ever.

Austin TV News Ponders the New Ban

(Link) Why isn't the queer movement for equality as strong as the Civil Rights Movement was? A clue: If you feel safe and happy and free, you may fool yourself into thinking everybody else is, too.

Student Accuses Coach of Affair

(Link) If a basketball coach has a 3-year fling with a student, it wouldn't be news here unless it was a female coach and a female student. And yep, they are.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

NFL Cheerleaders Fired Over Bathroom Tryst

(Link) By popular demand, here's the pics and bios of the pair whose makeout session in a bathroom stall turned into a bar brawl! For some reason though, these chicks do not even remotely set off my gaydar. Is it the lighting or the fact that one's into NASCAR?

Maine Voters Keep Gay Rights Laws Intact

(Link) At least in one wee New England state, is still officially illegal to discriminate in matters of employment, housing, credit, public accommodations and education based on sexual orientation. Lobstah for everyone!

Texas Becomes 19th State to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

(Link) Matt Foreman, Executive Director of the NGLTF: "When you put a fundamental right of a minority up for popular vote, it's almost impossible to win. I'm not sure the right to desegregate schools, the freedom to marry another race or even access to contraception in many states would exist if those issues were put up for a vote."

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Texas Votes on Same-Sex Marriage Today

(Link) Yesterday, a few hundred protestors shouted down a dozen Klansmen who were promoting the ban under the "Christian Family Values" theme. Today, the entire state puts the controversial amendment to a vote.

Bosnia's Gays & Lesbian Would Leave Country

(Link) If you're not old enough to remember the persecution in the US during the 1940s and 50s, just ask a Bosian what it's like. They're living it now.

Lesbian Indie Film Getting Award Notices

(Link) "My Summer of Love", a small British film about the relationship between a working class tomboy and a pampered rich girl, has racked up four major European nominations with more on the way. Ahh, young love...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Homolexicology: Is a Lesbian a Gay?

(Link) The New York Time's William Safire is apparently shocked to discover that "gay" is simply not adequate to cover us all anymore. No word on how long it took him to decode LGBTQ-Other (please specify).

Floridians Gear Up To Fight Adoption Ban

(Link) A bill to allow gays and lesbians to adopt children on a case by case basis has been introduced to the state's House and Senate. Orlando's Coalition for Fair Adoption plans to push for a complete repeal of the ban. Sure it would tick off the 40% who are happy with the ban, but it would give parents to 1,000 children.

Panthers Cheerleaders Caught in Grrl-Grrl Sex Scandal

(Link) Police report claims "the two cheerleaders were having sex with each other in a stall at the bar when other patrons got angry they were taking so long in the bathroom." Surprisingly enough, alcohol was involved.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Radical Lesbian Artists Finally Find an Audience

(Link) They were performance artists who took part in surrealist theater in Paris, confronted gender politics -- and the Nazis. Seventy years later, their spirit, partnership and work are on display.

Ellen and Portia Pondering Parenthood

(Link) Is Ellen actually ready to say "Yep, I'm a Mom" and if so, will her parenting stories be funnier than Rosie's?

Spanish Guide for Girls Banned for "Promoting Homosexuality"

(Link) Any book that encourages young women to give each other full body massages can't be all wrong: "Relax you, let yourself go... you'll surely feel as if you are on another planet."

Thursday, November 03, 2005

New Nominee May Not Be Anti-Queer

(Link) Samuel Alito, Dumbya's latest nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the bench, recommended decriminalizing sodomy and said homosexuals should not be discriminated against in the workplace. Will his views of 34 years ago still stand?

Interview: WNBA's Sheryl Swoopes

(Link) On coming out: "I feel like a beautiful black bird that’s just soaring across the sky. Just very free. Very happy. And the fact of me not having to lie anymore is so refreshing and so relaxing." Article includes her mailing address, if you'd like to drop her a line!

Chastity Bono Plans to Lose It on TV

(Link) Feeling extra-fluffy at 200-plus pounds, Cher's daughter joins the cast of "Celebrity Fit Club" and explains how much fun it is to be imperfect-looking in LA. Answer: not much.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Anti-Gay Exodus Now Targeting Teens

(Link) The thoroughly-discredited "ex-gay" group has branched out into Groundswell, a group for Christian teens. Their tactic: teach Christian teens to gaybash their peers into converting.

Legislative Aide Sends Anti-Gay Memo to Constituent

(Link) When Amanda McWane asked her state representative to support gay and lesbian civil-rights legislation, she didn't expect to be told that she's part of a group more annoying than a bunch of pro-lifers. Aide sentenced to attending Email 101 class.

Alaska Supreme Court Okays Partner Benefits

(Link)Despite the statewide ban on same-sex marriage, the state's high court finds that domestic partners of government employees are entitled to the same health, pension and other benefits a spouse enjoys -- and Governor Murkowski is madder than an evangelical wet hen about it.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dear Today's Christian: How to Deal with the Family Lesbian?

(Link) (Q:) Several years ago, Eloise, a member of my family who had previously been heterosexual, began to live as a lesbian (A:) You recognize that Eloise is not powerless to change her "orientation"--she's already done it once. So pick up your Bible and harrass her back into the closet!

Gay Marriage Debate Still Raging in Texas

(Link) Compare two families, both with parents who've been together 20+ years, and a passel of kids to raise. Except one family is... well, "that way." Does that old complaint about people wanting to marry their pets come up? You bet. *Pfft*

American Girl too Grrl-Friendly for Fashion Show

(Link) Although the shindig would have paid for a new playground and refurbished the school library, Girls Inc might have had the chance to spread acceptance and female empowerment through education. Oh, the horror!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Treat: Lesbian Vampire Flick Preview

(Link) As we predicted months ago, the lesbian vampire flick "Eternal" is now available at Netflix for your viewing pleasure! Any other suggestions we missed? Leave them in the comments section so we can stock up for next year. And click an ad, Ebeneezer. Broadband's not cheap.

UK's "East Enders" to Feature Lesbian Kiss

(Link) Ratings flagging? Let's introduce a lesbian subplot! Because audiences love lesbians -- except when they start gettin' all political and whining about civil rights.

Lesbian Minister Defrocked by Church Court

(Link) Despite an earlier reversal, Rev Beth Stroud's rollercoaster ride comes to an end when the United Methodist Church Judicial Council decides her life is "incompatible with Christian teachings."

Friday, October 28, 2005

Guard Who Raped Lesbian Loses Appeal

(Link) Jury finds his claim that "she really wanted it" and "just needed a good man" too hard to believe. He'll soon find himself meeting plenty of "good men" in prison.

Bi-Teen's Rebuttal of Ex-Gay Movement Banned

(Link) When high school senior Katie Thompson decided to fight back by writing back over an article claiming Christianity can "cure" homosexuality, she found her well-researched response was too hot to handle.

Acapella Group Sings For Unity

(Link) Berkeley's Voices Lesbian Choral Ensemble keeps the emphasis on politics and performance. "I would like to get to the point where I don't have to remind you who the soloist is. Who's your daddy?"

Thursday, October 27, 2005

WNBA Star Comes Out After Seven Years

(Link) The Houston Comets Sheryl Swoopes -- an five-time All-Star, three-time Olympic gold medalist and WNBA champion -- exits the closet and lands an endorsement from Olivia Cruises.

Lesbian Pastor Prepares For Trial

(Link) The Rev. Beth Stroud case continues, with the defendent's right to remain a clergy member on the line once again.

Mary Cheney Hired on by America Online

(Link)VP Chaney's lesbian daughter moves from the side of a milk carton to a PR gig at AOL! OMG! WTF? A/S/L?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lovers Spat Becomes Commuters Entertainment

(Link) Can't wait for your invite to the Jerry Springer Show? Try airing your dirty laundry -- literally -- from the overpass like these two did!

French Lesbians Invade Belgian Fertility Clinics

(Link) If this isn't the premise for a thoroughly bad and highly satisfying movie, we're not sure what is.

Klan to Rally in Support of Anti-Gay Amendment

(Link) The Ku Klux Klowns will join the "family values" crowd in supporting Texas' pending constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage. Not to mention the added faux pas of wearing white after Labor Day.

Monday, October 24, 2005

St Louis to Congress: "Drop 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

(Link) St Louis joins the list of cities that are urging Congress to sign the Military Enhancement Readiness Act which would allow openly gay and lesbian troops to serve. The bill's already got 98 co-sponsors in the House of Reps.

Love in Action Files Suit Against Tennessee

(Link) A spokesperson for the ex-gay group claims "It's repugnant for a faith based institution, a Christian ministry to come under the regulation of the state." Treating the mentally ill and controlling access to their meds without being licensed to do so is also repugnant -- and illegal.

Radical Queers Disrupt Log Cabin Republican Speech

(Link) After all these years of smooching GOP hiney, the group's president finally gets his own slice of the pie -- right in the kisser before a live audience.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Fundie Groups Fine With Miers' Girls, Inc Work

(Link) The American Family Association still considers Girls, Inc a "pro-abortion, pro-lesbian advocacy group", but doesn't fault Harriet Miers for having worked with the Dallas chapter. Just another case of "love the sinner, hate the social progress they attempt to spread."

Vermont Pushing for Federal CU Benefits

(Link) While civil unions do offer same-sex couples many of the same state-level benefits as straights, Social Security and military pensions are not among them. Vermont's legislators are pushing Congress for equality on the federal-level.

Lesbian Candidate Hit By Dirty Tricks

(Link) A leaflet campaign to smear her goes unpunished, but the local paper seems to be on her side: “It’s up to the voters to determine whether they’re swayed by a candidate’s qualifications — or more by rank prejudice.”

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dear Amy: Am I Gay or Homosexual?

(Link) Straight advice columnist fails to take on task of dyke vs lesbian vs woman-identifified-womyn vs femme vs butch vs queer vs etc. Our favorite label? "Never Needs Ironing"

Custody Battles: How to Define Families?

(Link) With a variety of laws and precendents on the books, determining "what makes a family" isn't always as easy as replicating the "nuclear family ideal."

Activists Target Anti-Gay Oregon House Speaker

(Link) A civil unions bill is passed by the state's senate, but GOP House Speaker Karen Minnis refuses to let the Oregon House of Reps vote on it. Is that even legal?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Florida County OKs Partner Benefits

(Link) Florida's Palm Beach county has approved taxpayer-backed health benefits for the domestic partners of county employees. The catch: the employees are paying nearly five times more out of pocket for the bennies than hetero employees.

Lesbian Judge Quizzed About Her Lifestyle

(Link) No, not Harriet Mier, but a woman who became a household name in South Africa after she and her partner won the right to be legal parents of their adopted children.

Gay Games Sponsors Still Being Targeted

(Link) Not satisfied with taking down Kraft foods, another fundamentalist Christian group sets its sights on Walgreens for supporting the Gay Games. If it wasn't for stories like this, would the Games get this much publicity?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gay-Straight Alliances Paving Way for Teens

(Link) Lesbian and gay teens can now feasibly be named Homecoming royalty for the high school prom. However, they must agree to share custody of the tiara for the evening -- and not fight over who looks best in it.

Lesbian to Lead New Zealand Methodist Church

(Link) "Our Government has recognised the need for gay rights, so why can't the church?" asked one. "To be told a gay priest cannot lead the church is a backward step."

Belgian L&G Group Adopts Lesbian Penguin

(Link) Now that one penguin has "come out" others may see her as a role model. In other news South Park's lesbian seagull still parentless.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Fundies Say "American Girl" Dolls Promote Lesbianism

(Link) Former fave of Christian fundie homeschoolers, a doll-making company is now underfire for donating to "a pro-abortion, pro-lesbian advocacy group." In other news, Barbie still okay for advocating eating disorders and shameless consumerism.

Melissa Etheridge Smoked Medicinal Marijuana

(Link) "Instead of taking five or six of the prescriptions, I decided to go a natural route."

Couple Fighting to Adopt Foster Daughter

(Link) Sure they're great parents, and they've raised her since she was two days old. And so what if they're lesbians. The problem, according to one county judge is that... they're not married.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Conservative Talk Radio Now Plays the L Card

(Link) An LA talk station is now dropping hints that Bush's Supreme Court nominee Helen Meirs -- never-married at 50+ -- must be a lesbian. Did we not see this coming? Of course we did!

Adoption Agency Settles with ACLU

(Link) A five-year case against a California agency's ban on adoptions by LGBT couples is finally over. “One’s sexual orientation or gender identity has nothing to do with providing a loving home and a caring family."

Couple's Sperm Donor to Pay Child Support

(Link) After a 15-year relationship dissolves, one of two mommies goes looking for daddy's dollars -- and Sweden's Supreme Court finds 'em for her.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Interview: Lesbians on Ecstasy

(Link) A Montreal grrl band takes lesbian folk/pop classics and adds electrofunk beats you can dance to. Tracy Chapman's fast car just got a lot faster.

NGLTF Takes Ad Campaign to Texas

(Link) With same-sex marriage facing a state constitutional ban, the task force television spots aim to humanize the issue for voters -- who only think they don't know anybody "like that."

New Study: Gays (heart) Gadgets

(Link) Yet another study of what makes us open our wallets shows we spend more money on high-tech trinkets than the straight folks. And our collective buying power? Yowsa! Where's my plasma tv?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pride Flag Set Ablaze in Bloomington

(Link) "But honestly, aside from that...we're really fag-friendly! Come to Beautiful Bloomington, and bring those tourist dollars with you!"

Poll: Nine in 10 LGBT Students Harassed

(Link) After "appearance", being queer or perceived as queer is the second most common reason kids harass each other. Would reporting that bullying to a teacher make a difference? Fifty-seven percent of the teens polled said they wouldn't even bother trying.

Player Slams Penn State Coach Over Dyke Bashing

(Link) After 30 years of anti-gay recruiting and "no lesbians" policy, a student player finally demands some action be taken against the basketball coach. "Coach Portland’s behavior not only violates the school’s anti-discrimination policy, it is illegal."

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ellen's Ex is Praying for Silence From Mom

(Link) (second story down) Mother of Has-bian Anne "Celestia" Heche is currently preaching at the ex-gay events and claims she "cured" her daughter's homosexuality through prayer.

First Lesbian Rights Group Formed in Kyrgyzstan

(Link) “After this incident, when we were thrown out of the cafe like dogs, we decided to gather together and create an organisation which could protect our rights, the rights of lesbians.”

Midwestern City Hopes to Draw in LGBT Tourism

(Link) Is P-Town Passe? Dinah Shore Tourney getting tired? Bloomington, Indiana hopes to be the new hotness for your queer tourism needs. Say it, baby... Hoosier mama?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Oregon Civil Unions Backers Drop Plans for 2006

(Link) After losing a fight to gain civil unions, rights groups decide to focus on building a base of support before trying again -- this time by putting gay-friendly candidates in office.

Rights Groups Demand Apology From Mich. Senator

(Link) According to State Sen. Michael J. Goschka, denying insurance to "utter perverts" is what his Christian principles require of him and he's proud to issue his "Godly Christian message" even to constituents who oppose his anti-family spews.

Talk About It: October 11th is Coming Out Day

(Link) I've got so much to do! All the baking, decorating the tree, making costumes for the cats...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Indiana Considers Ban on Lesbian Pregnancies

(Link) Hoosier state toys with reserving medically-assisted parenthood for straight, married churchgoing women who've had their "lifestyle" examined by a team of reviewers. Irresponsible, abusive drug addicts still allowed to breed at will.

Could Banning Books Cause Interest in Lesbianism?

(Link) In the 1930s, the UK's government censors feared that blotting out certain books might actually cause women to crave knowledge of Sapphic secrets. Mmm, the forbidden fruit of lewd publications!

Fox Newsie Urges A Blind Grrl Date for Condi Rice

(Link) We all know the rumors about the Secretary of State, but this Fox news correspondent is running with it by trying to hook up Condoleeza Rice with a former Miss Minnesota -- during a live tv interview.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Connecticut Couples Lining Up For Civil Unions

(Link) Of course, they can't refer to themselves as "married". So are they civilly unionized, civilized or just happily CU'd? And they're not spouses. They're "Party 1 and Party 2". It's all so... romantic!

Online Dating Sites Getting Uppity

(Link) In order to appear "exclusive and special", some dating sites are banning queer members or those whose appearance doesn't match "certain standards of beauty". But others are coming up with equally snooty versions just for the LGBT crowd. Lucky us.

Massachusetts Marriage Laws Under Scrutiny

(Link) In the only US state that allows same-sex marriage, a law on the books since 1913 bars Massachusetts from issuing licenses to out-of-state couples. If overturned, it could allow couples to marry there, then return home to raise heck until they get equal rights in their home states.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sex Ed Needs to Include Gay, Lesbian Teens

(Link) By categorizing homosexuality as a "values" issue, gay and lesbian kids are being slammed again by the faith-based abstinence-only school of sex ed -- which is still pushing reparative therapy.

Etheridge to Donate Album Sales to Charities

(Link) During cancer treatment, Etheridge's doctor told her that "no one wants to see a bald rock star." Her performance at the Grammys proved that wrong, eh?

Outing Debate Rages Anew Online

(Link) With blogs gaining credibility as news sources, more tools are available to out the closeted. Still, some say outing is wrong and even hypocritical gay-bashing politicians have the right to stay incognito.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Report: Kids Coming Out Earlier These Days

(Link) Time Magazine reports the younguns are waking up -- and kicking down the closet door -- in their early teens. If you had it to do all over again, would you have come out at 16?

University of Wyoming Considers Partner Bennies

(Link) In a bid to attract high-quality teachers, the school's pondering offering benefits to the same-sex partners of its employees. Considering what happened to Matthew Shepard, would you want to move to Laramie?

Newest Supreme Court Nominee Favors Gay Civil Rights

(Link) Bush's latest pick for the big court is Harriet Miers, who's on the record as being pro on gay civil rights but against making same-sex nookie legal in the privacy of ones home (aka "Lawrence vs Texas"). She's also 60-ish, never married and has no kids. Could she be family? Let the speculation begin!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Homophobia in the Family

(Link) Dear Ari tackles the issue of a teen who's embarassed to have his mother attend his National Honor Society shindig because "she's a manly mom." Bonus: the "Guess What My Parents Said to Rick Santorum" banner!

Canadian Lesbian wins $19K in Clinic Decision

(Link) Invitro clinic customer, turned away over lack of male "role model"/partner, wins human rights case. How many babies will $19,000 buy? In Canadian dollars, I mean.

Rights Groups Slam Blue Cross for Discrimation

(Link) Blue Cross drops coverage for unmarried partners in "small group" plans and claims it's not discrimination, just "legal decisions." Others, like Montana's Human Rights Group -- whose employees were insured by Blue Cross, calls it "queer baiting."

Friday, September 30, 2005

Immigration Laws a Roadblock for Same-Sex Couples

(Link) Among the findings: “Two ways a person can become a citizen in the U.S. and in many other countries is sponsorship by a family member and marriage to someone who is a citizen. If you don’t have the right to marry, it limits how you can become a legitimate citizen.”

Hubby Cleared of Sabotage Charges Against Wife's Lover

(Link) Husband catches wife in clinch with another woman. Wife vows to end the romance, but moves the other woman into the house in the meantime. Somebody does a "brake job" on other woman's car, but hubby couldn't have done it, right?

Schwarzenegger Terminates Same-Sex Marriage Bill

(Link) Saying the issue should be settled by the voters or the courts, the Governator passes the buck -- no doubt pleasing his fundamentalist financiers. Voters and rabble rousers, you know what to do.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Couple Who Survived Rita Finds Shelter in Mass.

(Link) Married in Massachusetts, Yolanda and Jan Meehan-Hoo moved to Louisiana just in time to lose everything to Hurricane Rita. Unlike straight married couples, FEMA is denying aid because the agency "doesn't recognize gay and lesbian couples as a household."

Lesbian Rebbe Takes Jewish School on the Road

Tired of feeling either unwelcome or undereducated by traditional schools, a Jewish Theological Seminary grad leaves the closet behind to start her own queer yeshiva. Editor's Note: Cara contacted us in July 2008 to let us know she's actually bi, not lesbian. She does have a girlfriend currently, but wanted to pass on the info to support bi visibility.

Connecticut Prepares for Civil Unions

(Link) With only two days to go, businesses are scrambling to figure out how to equalize the bennies for all those same-sex couples that'll be getting hitched. The catch? State and federal laws are still clashing on the subject.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Non-Biological Mom Wins Custody Ruling

(Link) A Pennsylvania court thinks of the children. Having a nutcase for a biological mom who's out to slam her ex (even if it harms the kids) isn't in their best interest.

Canada's New Democrats Get First Out Leader

(Link) Allison Brewer's now the first out lesbian to lead a political party in North America. Of course Canada has far more political parties than the US, but who's counting?

Contest On For Lesbian Short Comedy Films

(Link) Zoom Media wants your lesbian shorts. Uh, short movies, I mean. And they need not be about short lesbians. But they should be funny. The films, that is. And preferably the lesbians in them will be amusing as well. Got that?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pentagon Admits Sending Openly LGBT Troops to War

(Link) "Off to the trenches with you, Sergeant Sappho! Fight like a good troopie and we'll hold off kicking you out and taking away your benefits until the Oil Wars are over."

Melissa Etheridge Still Rocking the House

(Link) How excited are concert goers about Melissa's electrifying performances? " "Oh, God," says one fan. "I had to take a Xanax just to come to the show." No stats yet on how many tons of hotel keys and undies they have to sweep off the stage post performance.

Olivia Travel: Will They Become the Lesbian AARP?

(Link) The cruise line of choice for affluent lesbians toys with the idea of starting retirement resorts for women. "Hey! You straight kids! Get off my lawn!"

Monday, September 26, 2005

Bullied Lesbian Sues New Jersey High School

(Link) If it takes a village to raise a child, why should it also require a team of lawyers to help a teenager survive high school? Homophobic harrassment rears its ugly head once more.

Portia Chickened Out on Love Scene with Angelina

(Link) Afraid of being outed, Portia De Rossi turned down a co-starring role in "Gia". "Today's Top Reason Why Staying in the Closet is Bad: You don't get to have hot, pretend sex with Angelina Jolie."

Oregon Marriage Dispute Back in Court

(Link) Don't tear up that license yet. Gay rights say Oregon's same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional and are going to court to overturn it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Christian Coalition Crumbling In Wake of Unpaid Bills

(Link) The Word of the Day is "schadenfreude", (sh├Ąd-n-froid): "Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others."

Teen Expelled for Having Two Mommies

(Link) Because her moms don't meet the school's "lifestyle requirement," a 14-year-old girl apparently isn't worthy of their brand of education. In some circles, Judgement Day is not a task left to the Almighty...

Report: Police Abuses Rampant in LGBT Communities

(Link) Amnesty International's latest report shows abuse and mistreatment by cops is widespread, unreported and going unchecked. If you've been hassled, you need to report it, m'kay?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Grethe Cammermeyer to Speak at UW Tacoma

(Link) The Army colonel who sued the Army over its stance on booting out homosexuals in uniform -- and got her job back -- will be telling her story Sept. 22nd at Carwein Auditorium.

Florida School Settles Lesbian in Tuxedo Dispute

(Link) Didn't you just love wearing that fake, frilly scoop-net blouse for your high school senior pic? Neither did Kelli Davis, so she wore a tux instead -- which was apparently too much for Fleming High to handle.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rainbow Flag Sends Students into Gay Panic

(Link) Fearing that a single pride flag hung outside a dorm window might signal their living quarters as queer, Duke University students raise a ruckus and demand its removal.

SF Ad Company Address Upcoming Marriage Vote

(Link) If Schwarzenegger wants a sequel as California governor, the ad pushes him to think of his legacy in terms of civil rights.

Connecticut to Allow Civil Unions

(Link) The state will also honor civil unions from other states and foreign countries -- but it won't honor same-sex marriages. Like those of their neighbors in Masschusetts

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

HRC's Annual Corporate Report Card Released

(Link) The Human Rights Campaign's Annual Report rates companies with the best -- and worst -- policies of support for gay, lesbian and transgender employees. (Full HRC Report)

University Bans Paper Cup With Queer-Positive Quote

(Link) Fearing student coffee-drinkers might catch the ghey, Concerned Women for America pressures Baylor to ban a particular Starbucks cup from the campus. If only recruiting was that easy!

What's In a Name? A Marriage License -- Briefly

(Link) Undaunted by Alabama's "Defense of Marriage Act", Juanita simply changed her name to "Joseph" and married her gal. Alas, two years later, an anonymous tipster called the judge...

Monday, September 19, 2005

Nominee Roberts Still Giving Wishy-Washy Answers

(Link) If he makes the cut, Roberts will be wearing those Supreme Court robes for a long time and making big decisions that afffect us all. So far, the closest he's come to saying he wouldn't overturn Lawrence vs Texas is that he believes "the U.S. Constitution protects the right of privacy."

Study: Kids of Gay, Lesbian Parents Not Warped

(Link) Among the findings by the Brookings Institute? That preschool children of lesbian mothers tend to be less aggressive, bossy, and domineering than children of heterosexual mothers, and that taking kids away from same-sex parents and putting them into straight foster homes is more damaging than helpful.

Texas Churches Kick Off Anti-Gay Voter Drive

(Link) The head of the GOP-backed Restoration Project says the goal is to "restore Bible-based morality". It's a good bet that "morality" stance doesn't include discrimination against eating shellfish, ham on Sunday or wearing polyester.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Lesbian in Custody Case Rejects Virginia's Role

(Link) If we were the legal equals of heteros, would this case ever see the inside of a courtroom? This child custody case may head to the Supreme Court.

Atlanta Lesbian Cancer Survivors Group Celebrates 10 Years

(Link) What started off as a backyard support party for a friend battling cancer has become the largest predominately lesbian gathering in the Southeast.

New Report Says More Women Are Trying Same-Sex Love

(Link) Sure, it's only experimental but your chances for a date just increased! Here come the "Have You Hugged Your LUG Today?" bumperstickers...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

US House of Reps Passes Hate Crimes Act

(Link) The measure gives law enforcement officers the tools to prosecute hate crimes against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people -- and 30 Republicans jumped the usual fence to vote for it.

Governator Wants Confab With LGBT Group Over Upcoming Veto

(Link) Apparently shocked that he's ticked off such a large group by vowing to veto the okay for gay marriage, Schwarzenegger calls for a meeting with with Cali's community leaders. The catch? He hasn't actually committed to showing up for it himself.

Massachusetts Won't Ban Gay Marriage

(Link) Despite a recent attempt to overturn the okay, lawmakers overwhelmingly ruled to keep same-sex marriage legal. Quoth State Senator Brian Lee (a Republican, no less!): "Gay marriage has begun, and life has not changed for the citizens of the commonwealth, with the exception of those who can now marry."

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Non-Prof Seeks Survivors of Religious Schools

(Link) If they plan to raise funds by creating a Naughty Catholic Schoolgrrls calendar, bring on the babes! Because we are all about the non-prof, giving and stuff like that.

Old Military Law Stops Discharge of LGBT Troops

(Link) Despite Pentagon denials, there really is a rule that prevents military discharges during wartime. Apparently, we're only a "threat to unit cohesiveness" during peacetime.

KKK Protests Pro-Gay Church Meeting

(Link) Fearing Phelps might be stealing their thunder, the Ku Klux Klowns show up for a friendly neighborhood queer-bashing demonstration.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Portia De Rossi Wants to be Mrs Degeneres

(Link) So would a lot of gals! But is it just me or does that last comment sound a wee bit "Heche-like"? Does Ms. De Rossi have an agenda?

Anti-Gay Groups Encouraged to Use Kindler, Gentler Tactic

(Link) Focus on the Family has decided to knock it off with the Leviticus quotes -- but only so they can get a law passed that'll allow Maine to discriminate against gays and lesbians in matters of jobs, housing and lines of credit. How conservatively compassionate of them.

New Hampshire Ponders Okay of Civil Marriage

(Link) A panel of various experts -- surprisingly free of religous fundies -- brings up more arguments for same-sex marriage rather than against it, particularly when kids are involved. Stable, low-conflict relationships between parents seems to be a winner here.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Schwartzenegger Denies Political Anti-Gay-Bashing Bill

(Link) The bill in question, AB 866, was designed to stop gay-bashing in political campaigns. With Arnie's veto, it's now okay in California to use orientation against a candidate. Lovely.

Marriage May Stay Legal in Massachusetts

(Link) Despite threats to yank same-sex marriage and replace it with civil unions, lawmakers are accepting the obvious: "It's a dangerous precedent to take away rights that have been granted by the court for an identifiable group of people."

Friday, September 09, 2005

Will Ellen Drop the Happy Dance?

(Link) "A lot of people stay contained and want to come off a certain way," she said. "I think that dance is an expression of freedom and I don't care how I look - this is just me being me." C'mon Ellen. We like the Happy Dance!

Melissa Etheridge Wins 2005 Mautner Award

(Link) "Brave and Crazy" singer rewarded for her role and brave and beautiful in the fight against breast cancer: "I am truly delighted to be a part of Mary Helen Mautner’s legacy of putting lesbians and healthcare on the right track."

Are You Being Served -- or Slammed?

(Link) A Welsh branch of Stonewall is sending out queer mystery shoppers to uproot discrimination in the goods and services sector. How soon can we start this up in the States?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Gender Gap Exists Between Gay, Lesbian Activists

(Link) Shocking study shows that "boy issues" and "grrl issues" are quite different. And backs up the necessity for this site's existence.

Americans For Truth Praises Governator for Upcoming Veto

(Link) Because the only thing more threatening to America than a homosexual is a married homosexual. If this group's rant doesn't amuse you, surely the website's "Rent a Wife" ad will.

Teen Sues High School For Kissing Rights

(Link) Q: Why was the high schooler outed to her parents, suspended several times and transferred to another campus? A: Because she was a lesbian who kissed her girlfriend! Oh, the humanity...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Courtney Love Swings a Bat for the Pink Team

(Link) Now that her smack habit is history, Ms Love needs a new drug. Could it be macking on the grrlies? Apparently so!

California Marriage Bill Ready for Governator's Signature

(Link) After two defeats, the state's assembly voted 41-35 to approve same-sex marriages in California. Will San Francisco become the new honeymoon capitol of the US?

Nearly 60% Now Support Gays Serving in Uniform

(Link) Pardon the pun, but do you think the outrage over the discharge of qualified Arabic linguists had anything to do with it? Or is it the guys and gals now quietly out to their military co-workers, knowing they won't be booted during wartime?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Singing Lesbians to Rescue Opera House

(Link) Promotional posters and flyers for the opera promise “sexual desire, dominance and submission”. No mention of drink specials or half price tickets on "Mullet Night."

Custody Case Could Go to Supreme Court

(Link) The Vermont vs Virginia case continues, and the ruling could be a benchmark for what laws should govern same-sex relationships and the children born to them. It'll also have an impact on a little Federal rule called the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act.

Lesbian Teen May Sue to Keep Pageant Title

(Link) Apparently it's impossible to be adorably cute and queer in the Bahamas. At least she has more class than the Evangelical Fundies who are trying to rip the crown from her head.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Houstonians Establish Shelter for LBGT Katrina Survivors

(Link) “Being a gay person housed in a tent city with a bunch of rednecks is not going to be that much fun. When you’ve lost everything, you don’t need to worry about your sexual orientation or your HIV status being revealed.”

Utah Supreme Court Hears Lesbian's Child Custody Case

(Link) Complete with cheating, religious conversion -- and a threat to Utah's common law marriage doctine. In other news, there are lesbians in Utah.

Ellen Degeneres' Aunt, Hometown Hit by Katrina

From CNN: A shaken and emotional Ellen DeGeneressaid her 82-year-old aunt had to quickly evacuate her home in Pass Christian, Mississippi, as Hurricane Katrina headed toward the Gulf Coast.

"My aunt has lost everything, she has nothing," DeGeneres told AP Radio Wednesday. "She grabbed four pictures out of her house. She's lost her entire life."

DeGeneres, who was born in Metairie, Louisiana, said her childhood was filled with weekends at her aunt Helen Currie's home, just over the state line from New Orleans.

"It's where I grew up every weekend. I spent all my childhood there," she said. "Pass Christian ... is just gone. There's not one building left -- no church, no nothing."

Meanwhile, DeGeneres said she is talking to networks about organizing a telethon to raise funds for hurricane victims similar to what was done after the September 11 terror attacks.

"Whether you have family there or not, it's a devastating situation," the 47-year-old actress-comedian said.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cali Officially Wants "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repealed

(Link) "Today, we sent a message to the President and Congress: the people of California want every man and woman, regardless of whom they love, to be able to serve their country openly and proudly."

Gay Rights Suit on Docket in Maryland

(Link) Maryland joins six other states currently challenging marriage laws in the fight for equality. " "Civil marriage for same-sex couples poses no threat to constitutional rights of religious freedom."

Fundie Group Blames Queers for Katrina

(Link) Evangelical Repent America says the deadly hurricane is God's revenge on New Orleans for Southern Decadence. You knew somebody was going to use it for the publicity. Thanks to Elaine, aka Pink PurlGrrl, for finding this bit 'o news!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Calif. Legislature Passes Gay Civil Rights Act

(Link) All it needs is a signature from the Governator. “By adding sexual orientation, gender identity and marital status, California will continue to be at the forefront of ensuring equality for all.”

Japan: Where the Grrls Are

(Link) A handy guide to Japan's underground grrl bar scene and where to find the hangouts. Hello Kitty, indeed!

Scalia: Supreme Court Shouldn't Decide Gay Rights

(Link) Robed Right winger Antonin Scalia bemoans the focus on "judge moralists" -- and the shocking trend to "interpret" the Constitution.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Under the Wire, Into the Law Books

(Link) While the fundies are distracted by the marriage issue, less-publicized gay rights moves are quietly being passed into law.

Queer Count for this Year's Network TV Season is 16

(Link) Survey says, "If you're looking at network television to see a good cross-section of our community, you're not going to find it. What you will find is primarily gay white males."

Lesbian Film Sparks Free Speech Debate

(Link) It all started when a guy named Jihad failed to grasp the concept of deleting the spam email. Repression ensues!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Bring Out Yer Dead -- or Not?

(Link) Obituary writers face a dilemma of whether or not to reveal that the deceased's "business partner" was also a "life partner."

Rights Groups Not Backing Roberts Nomination

(Link) One pro bono case for our side does not an ally make. A paper trail leading back through the Reagan Era shows a Supreme Court nominee who could shift the court to the right " for decades to come, imperiling Americans’ constitutional rights and liberties.”

Minnesota Girl Happy With Her "Moms Times Two"

(Link) "A family really is about love, and if you have love and concern for each other, then you have a really good family that you can be proud of."

Friday, August 26, 2005

Marriage Movement Goes Forward in California

(Link) A re-write of June's failed bill passes the test in August. Will California be the second state okay marriage equality? And a raise in the minimum wage?

Mass. State Legislators Want to Switch to Civil Unions

(Link) Being the only state in the Union that allows same-sex marriage, Massachusetts hasn't suffered any Wrath o' God (tm). But all that equality apparently makes some legislators nervous enough to brew up a potential amendment to water it down.

Lucy Lawless & Crew Still Want "Xena: The Movie"

(Link) That beheading the last final episode? "It's only a flesh wound! C'mon, ya pansy!"

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hot or Not: America's Next Top Model Contestant

(Link) Yes, grrls, Kim's an out lesbian, her fave food is Big Macs and she's adorably cute. "It's hard to be a poster child for lesbians, but someone has to do it."

Falwell Speaks Out in Favor of Some Gay Rights

(Link) Yes, the same fundie-vangelist who blamed 9/11 on "the pagans, the abortionists, and the feminists and the gays and lesbians" actually says we're entitled to civil rights like fair housing and employment. In other news, mercury plummets in Hell's thermometer.

Couple Uses Dutch Reality Show to Find Donor

(Link) "The Sperm Show" debuts in the Netherlands for lesbian mommy wannabees. How do you say "My Daddy's Name is Donor" in Dutch?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"The Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks"

(Link) Author of new book advises straight girls on how to get a little hot girl-grrl action. Includes funniest chapter titles ever!

UK Police Seek Witnesses in Bashing Incident

(Link) Police spokeswoman: “The three attackers obviously had a problem with the women’s sexuality and carried out a violent and unprovoked attack."

Lounge Bombing Survivors Confront Eric Rudolph

(Link) Otherside Lounge owners and patrons find bomber's lack of remorse appalling: "He sounded like a two-year-old child saying I’m sorry for sticking bubblegum in your hair."

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More GLBT Groups Making Donations to Politicians

(Link) Protest marches may be a great emotional outlet (and a lovely way to meet chicks) but buying yourself a politician is what really gets laws made. Crack open that coin purse, Mavis.

Dare to Ask: "Which of you is the man?"

(Link) Why do they never ask "Which of you is the bitchy misanthrope? The golf widow?" And when do we get to start prodding straight couples over who's the top?

CA Court: Lesbian Parents Have Rights, Duties

(Link) Egg donors can claim custody and be liable for child support in a breakup. Of course, one group of fundies had to start quacking that helping these kids hurts the "traditional" family.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Lesbian Couple Caught in Aruba-Netherlands Rift

(Link) Aruba welcomes legally-married couple with rock-throwing, tire-slashing protests. "I felt like maybe they wanted to kill us."

Birch Takes on Buchanan in TV Shoutfest

(Link) Former HRC Head Elizabeth Birch's new talk show on Here! TV promises to be chockful of "shouting down the fundies" fun!

UK Air Force Reveals Systemized Hunt for Lesbians

(Link) "During the 1939-45 war, the official attitude was to turn a blind eye to lesbianism, because it was expedient to do so." Hmm, much like today's witch hunts in the military...

Friday, August 19, 2005

Rights Advocate Coretta Scott King Suffers Stroke

(Link) If you need someone to pray for today, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr's widow would be the one. She's been a staunch supporter of GLBT equal rights.

Mom Boycotts Starbucks For "Supporting Gay Agenda"

(Link) After reading a quote from Armisted Maupin on her cup, the prudish red-stater says, "All I could think was ‘Starbucks hates children.’" She also found Sandy Eggo's Pride Parade -- which she apparently attended -- "pretty disturbing".

Was the UK's Princess Margaret a Grrlie Kisser?

(Link) New biopic says "Yes! And she smoked weed, too!" Because nobody does scandal like the UK Royals.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

How to Put in Your Two Cents Worth

(Link) In an effort to rid our tidy lil space of spam posted by anonymous non-lesbian nutbags in the comments sections, registration is now required. To set up yourself up as an official commentor, please click on the link and register. You don't have to create your own blog, just establish your name and perhaps a wee bit of a profile about yourself. It's FREE, ya know!

And while you're at it, have you taken the "Lesbian Survey" that frequently shows up at the bottom of this page? We wanna know what questions are on it and how soon we can all earn our $300, 'cause Mama needs a new pair of shoes!

Is Maine Next the Next New Marriage Haven?

(Link) "Maine's Human Rights Act was passed in 1971 and the political struggle over whether it should cover gays is decades-old." Ain't that somethin'? We're still struggling to be considered "human" and worthy of rights.

Swedish Library Lending Out Lesbians, Minorities

(Link) Your chance to rent your very own Sapphic Swedish Bikini Team free for a week!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Shanghai University to Offer China's First Homosexuality Course

(Link) It will be preceeded by a light soup and arugula salad, followed by tiramisu with brandy and cigars in the drawing room afterward.

Ellen Gets the Emmy Gig Again

(Link) If we have to explain which Ellen, you're on the wrong website.

Miller-Jenkins Custody Case Turns Nasty, Moves North

(Link) It's (anti-gay)Virginia vs (pro-civil unions) Vermont now and could head for the Supreme Court.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fake Lesbians to Release Another CD

(Link) T.A.T.U. are still around, and this time they've got Sting. Meanwhile, authentic lesbian artists are struggling to keep record labels going. It's the plaid skirts, right?

American Psychiatric Association Slams "Ex-Gay" Movement

(Link) 477,000 health and mental health professionals say "reparative therapy" is about as scientific as alchemy. Will Tom "Man-Pixie" Cruise find a way to rail about that or will he finally come out of the dang closet already?

Travel Mag Names Best & Worst Vacation Spots

(Link) Out & About Travel Announces the Best and Worst vacation destinations for gay and lesbian travelers. Is your hometown on the list?

Monday, August 15, 2005

Yet Another Reason Not to Trust the Government

(Link) We're already getting the short end of the stick on Social Security. How bad could it be for same-sex couples (and singles) if the program is privatize? Read on.

Japanese Grrls Have a New Role Model

(Link) Despite Japan's cool-weird pop culture, being out as a female politician is extremely rare. So is she single?