Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WA May Grant Marriage-like Rights for Couples

If you're happily ensconced in a card-carrying Domestic Partnership in Washington state, very good news may be on the way. A measure passed Tuesday night by the Washington state Senate (30 to 18) may extend to same-sex couples nearly all the legal rights enjoyed by straight marrieds.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Prop 8: It's Not Over Yet

Proposition 8 (aka Prop H8), the ban on same-sex marriage, is not carved in stone just yet. Despite passing by a tiny margin, activists are taking their righteous indignation to court for another go 'round. And other states in the U S of A are keeping a keen eye on the outcome.

300,000 Turn Out For Sydney Mardi Gras

The 31st annual Sydney Mardi Gras drew in huge crowds as always this year. Australia's Matthew Mitcham, the only openly gay athlete competing in the Beijing Olympics, said that the event's still got impact even after 31 years: "Mardi Gras is the biggest celebration of homosexuality in the world, and aims to promote not just the tolerance but the acceptance of the gay community in the wider community"

Xbox Bans Lesbian Gamer

All she wanted to do was game it up online, but when she revealed herself to be lesbian, the harassment skyrocketed. To the point where Microsoft suspended her account because other gamers found her lesbianism "offensive."

Oh yeah, Microsoft's working on an apology and some policy changes.