Monday, November 26, 2007

Jodie and Ellen Team Up To Support Youth Hotline

Link The two are joining forces to support the nation's only suicide prevention line operated by non-profit Trevor Project. Ellen's getting a lifetime award, and Jodie's just given the group it's biggest donation ever.

1 Hour + 2 Shots of Vodka = Lesbian Lurve Scene

Link If only dating were that easy! Actually, that's all it took for the UK's Gemma Atkinson to ready herself for a grrly sex scene on an upcoming movie, "Boogie Woogie." Bonus: former X-Files hottie Gillian Anderson and Ab Fab star Joanna Lumley will be co-starring in the flick about the London art scene.

Boy, 7, Weighing 37 Pounds, Kept Tied To Wall

Link In the Big Barrel of Parenthood, these are two seriously rotten apples who need to have their Mom Cards harshly revoked. An assbeating wouldn't be out of the question either.

Trent Lott Soon to Be Outta There

Link The virulently anti-gay GOP senator from Mississippi has declared he's not running for re-election. He's a key proponent of the attempt to add a ban on same-sex marriage to the US Constitution, and has given official speeches linking homosexuality to incest, bestiality, the sky falling, cats and dogs sleeping together, etc.

New Cartoon Features Boy With Two Moms

Link A small Nebraska company has released what it calls the first animated series featuring a family headed up by two moms. Although it's not currently airing on Nickelodeon, you can order it for your dual-mom family through the company's website.

Fourteen Years of Not Asking or Telling

Link November 30th marks the 14th year since the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy became law, and the Human Rights Campaign joins a host of other organizations in calling for a repeal. They'll be turning up the heat on presidential candidates, too.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Fagbug: Coming to a School Near You

Link When Erin Davies' VW bug was sprayed with anti-gay slurs, she could have just cleaned it off and tried to forget about it. Instead, she's turning the act of vandalism into a nationwide roadtrip for public enlightenment.

Top Chef's Attackers Finally Charged

Link Since she was attacked on Labor Day weekend, "Top Chef" cute Josie Smith-Malave accused police of not taking the case seriously. Weeks later, they've finally charged a couple of cretins in the gay bashing and justice should be served shortly.

Lesbian Ordained in Lutheran Church Rocks Status Quo

Link Not only is Jen Rude breaking ground as an out Evangelical religious leader, she's also challenging the church's stance on mandatory celebacy. And she's single.

Still No Love From Michael Savage

Link When it comes to right-wing hatemongery, Michael Savage is right up there on top. His latest bon mot addresses lesbians: "She's a -- the type that stuffed ovens in [Adolf] Hitler's concentration camps." Link includes contact info for Mikey, so you can throw your opinions right back at him.

Writers Strike Sidelines Ellen's Show

Link As Ellen historians know, she's not just a pretty face on the tube. A major part of her career involves writing for television, and her membership in the Writers Guild of America adds her to the lengthy list of those on strike.

Portia de Rossi Worries About Typecasting

Link Portia: "But if I take a role as a lesbian on Nip/Tuck, I might get typecast as a lesbian!" Ellen: "Honey, get over yourself."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is Pink Ready for the Grrlies?

Link Pop hottie Pink has made no secret of her appreciation of women, and the latest news is that she's been once again caught snoggling with a gal. Simply revenge on a cheating hubby? We think not.

Hillary Lesbian Rumors Swirling Again

Link Once again, those lesbian whispers about the pres candidate are floating around. This time we've got a pic of her supposed honey - a personal aide who's very hawt indeed!

New Site Launched for Lesbian Gamers

Link LesbianGamers promises entertaining news for gamerbabes -- and a heads-up when a game promises lesbianic themes. Or else just really hot digital warrior chicks. Their motto: "Because sometimes we do other things with our hands."

Lesbian Wins Multi-Million Suit Against Goodyear

Link An out Washington state woman has scored big in a nasty fight against the giant tire company. ENDA aside, in some states it's already illegal to discriminate against employees due to their orientation, and Goodyear got the smackdown.

Christina Applegate's Lesbian Wedding

Link How did we ever miss this? The hot chick from "Married With Children" was briefly married to a woman! In Las Vegas, so you know that means it was the real thing.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

US House Passes ENDA

Link The Employment Non-Discrimination Act has passed a big hurdle with passage by the House of Reps -- 235 to 184. It's the first federal-level ban on job discrimination against lesbians, gays and bisexuals. There are, however, omissions and exceptions...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Britney Spears Wants a Grrlie Now?

Link America's pop tart turned flop tart is now actively claiming she's bisexual -- and wants to hook up with the gals. Anybody looking to acquire a new trainwreck?

Working Closeted Hurts Everybody

Link A new survey of 500 LGBT employees at bizzes around the US shows that forcing yourself to stay in the closet at work isn't good for you -- or your company. Things like physical symptoms of stress, fewer promotions and negative attitudes toward ones career come into play.
Thanks to Badphairy for the news tip!

Stonewall UK Launches Recruitment Guide

Link No, not that kind of recruitment, dear. It's a compendium of LGBT-friendly companies who are actively seeking new employees, aimed particularly at newly graduating students looking for that first job.

New Jersey Finds Civil Unions Fall Short

Link New Jersey's 8-month-old civil union law has been studied since its inception, and that state's civil rights director finds what most of us have known all along: civil unions ain't marriage.

Queer Channel "Logo" to Show Cartoons

Link More animated shows are coming to Logo, a boon for cartoon fans. Anybody want to start a write-in campaign to get Hothead Paisan, everybody's favorite homicidal lesbian terrorist, on there?

Scumbag Reverend Phelps Gets Bu$ted

Link Rotten Reverend Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps has at last been successfully sued -- and slapped with a $10.9 fine -- over his hate-filled funeral protests. Seems some states have reacted by making laws that prevent protests from being within a certain distance of a funeral, and Fred's "church" violated that law in the Cornhusker state. Break out the bubbly and let's hope that trend continues until his sorry ass is shut down!