Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's the Feel Good Film of the Year!

Link Two female filmmakers never imagined that it would take more than seven years to make a documentary about one electrical appliance. They were wrong.

Their subject: The history of vibrators. Yeah, baby!

Dyke Bar Drama Breaks Out in Seattle

Link Ahh, Karaoke Night...when the best and the worst singers come out to showcase their talents. One PsychoDyke(tm) tore up the joint and at least one singer who sang one of the worst songs ever. Thank goodness there was an off-duty cop in the joint. Mmmm, we love chick cops!

Ellen Nabs Hillary Interview for Season Premier

Link This season of Ellen's talkfest kicks off on September 4th with Hillary Clinton as guest -- and it's the first talkshow Hillary's appearing on since the LGBT debates. Maybe she'll have a chance to expound on her answer to Melissa's "run over by the bus" statement.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

August 9th: Prez Candidates LGBT Debate

Link Woo hoo! Gather the friends and festive beverages and huddle around the boob tube as 2008's presidential wannabees share their opinions on us and the rights they think we should (or shouldn't) have! Hillary and Obama and crew will be live! If you can't Tivo it, you can always catch it at Logo's link here .

Mom of Five Sentenced as Lesbian Bigamist

Link If marriage is legal in your neck of the woods, please be sure to divorce your husband before marrying your wife. P.S. No, a civil partnership is not merely a "blessing of your friendship."

Sperm Donor Wins Daddyhood

Link An bi-national lesbian couple are now required by law to make sure their child stays in Ireland -- home of the sperm donor dad. Up next, the fight for joint custody. Thanks to One Eyed Daruma for sending in this bit of outrageous news!