Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Does Rosie Improve 'The View'?

(Link) Survey says "Yes!" With all the brouhaha from her remarks on Donald Trump and Danny "the Drunk" DeVito, Rosie O'Donnell has given the show a much-needed edge that Barbara Walters may not have expected.

Penelope Cruz Keeps the Fire Burning

(Link) Under the warm glow of the rumor that she and Salma Hayek have a thing going. And who are we to discourage a concept like that? Or the hot cowgrrl look?

New Hampshire May Be Okay With Civil Unions

(Link) More signs of enlightenment are sweeping the East Coast of the US, with New Hampshire rejecting an outright ban on same-sex marrige. A recent poll shows they're not for the M-word, but might approve civil unions.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gay Nativity Scene Sparks Outrage in Italy

(Link) You think nativity scenes cause a stir in the US? How about some gay protest involvement in one -- ala strategically-placed Barbies near the cradle? 'Tis the season for irreverence!

New Jersey Gets Civil Unions

(Link) They may not have the title "marriage", but as of today, same-sex couples in New Jersey have all the same rights. At least as many as a civil union will allow.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Girlfriend Gets Beatdown by Police Officer Lover

(Link) Woman on woman violence is always horribly sad, and it's especially moreso when the perpetrator is a cop -- and her buddies on the force want to cover it up.

President Bush "Happy" for Mary Cheney

(Link) His vice president's gay daughter is unmarried and pregnant, and President George "Stay the Course" Bush says he's happy for her. Guess it's different when it's "family", eh George? Or else it's just that new femme-d up look she's got going on now.

Twin Teachers Nabbed in Sex Arrest

(Link) It's bad enough when a high school teacher is caught fiddling with the teenagers. How about it it's twin teachers? Yes, this article from the Smoking Gun does feature mug shots of both perps -- and yes, they're wearing matching prison togs.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Paglia: Madonna Gave Britney the Kiss of Death

(Link) Fiesty feminist Camille Paglia gives us her two cents worth on what really happened with that lurid Madonna-Britney liplock on national television. Nobody gets away unscathed. Bravo!

Lesbian Tory Rejects Favoritism Charge

(Link) It's all about the sour grapes as a pol who was passed over claims Margot James got special treatment because she's a lesbian. And a millionaire. And works in a candidate's office. And because he's a white male. Pass me a tissue? I'm all verklempt!

Irish Couple Loses Marriage Case

(Link) Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan were legally wed in Canada, but a judge in Ireland failed to uphold their rights as a married couple in Ireland. New, more favorable laws are in the works, though.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Student Sues Over School Outing

(Link) More specifically, the high school principal outed a gal who wasn't ready to come out yet. Now, she's suing the school district for more than a million bucks.

Monday, December 11, 2006

A Tale of Two Mommies...And Their Daughter

(Link) WhenJanet Jenkins and Lisa Miller dissolved their civil union in Vermont, their 2-year-old daughter became the focus of a bitter custody battle when Miller took her to Virginia -- where same-sex relationships and gay adoption is illegal. In this article, Jenkins tells her side of the story.

Britney's Cooch-Flash Sparks Lesbian Rumor

(Link) The hawt new celebutante trend is to "accidentally" flash your bare business to a photographer, and we've seen much more than we care to see of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Now they're trying to squelch rumors they've been engaging in carnal canoodling with each other.

Clear Channel Now Targeting LGBT Audience

(Link) While their on-air blowhards bombast away with statements damming us, the execs at the evil media empire are viewing our wallets with greed. They're starting an on-demand channel just for the LGBT crowd, and yes, it features lots of queeristic celebrity gossip.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christina Aguilera Buys Lesbian Artwork


The skank ("No, I'm not!") songbird just dropped close to $30K US for this artwork. And a saucy pic it is -- of a Queen who didn't believe women could be gay and passed a lot of anti-gay laws to prove it. Oh, that silly Queen.

New Jersey Might Be Okay With Civil Unions

(Link) Among other things, a recent poll of New Jersey-ites finds they're not down with the M-word, but don't want to bother with an amendment that prevents same-sex couples from wedding.

Marriage Survives Vote-Down Attempt in Canada

(Link) A bid to bring up a vote on the ruling that made same-sex marriages legal in Canada has been blown out -- by the Conservative Party. Yes, "Conservative" means something very different in the Great White North.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kindergarten Assault Case Spurs Lawsuits

(Link) If you were chasing the other girlies around the playground during kindergarten, the proud tradition continues. Except today, we add lawyers and police charges.

Vacation: Where the Grrls Are (Safe)

(Link) A recent poll of travel industry officials shows that the majority of us prefer to vacation in known gay-friendly areas. So if you're skipping the hell of family togetherness over the holidays, where to vacation? Article includes the list of the cities voted most gay-friendly for travellers.

Mary Cheney is Preggers

(Link) We're not sure if David Crosby has a hand in it, but we do know the conservaties are railing about all the sinfulness. And now that Mary is with child, will her Vice Presidential dad change his mind about same-sex marriage so the kid will be born "legit"?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

California Revisits Same-Sex Marriage Bill

(Link) Now that some time has passed since the Governator voted it down in 2000, support is growing in California to equalize marriage rights. Since that time, Schwartzenegger has given the okay to seven LGBT rights bills, including one he vetoed in 2005...