Monday, January 28, 2008

ABC Leading the Pack in GLAAD Awards

Link The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network has scored five noms to beat out the rest of the free tv companies. Still, the big unanswered question is why the all-LGBT Logo didn't absolutely sweep the contest.

Would You Thank Fred Phelps?

Link While the Rev we all love to hate is busy spreading hateful attention on the death of Heath Ledger (who pretended to be a gay man in "Brokeback Mountain"), a group of LGBT activists claims that psychotic pseudo-man of the cloth is actually the greatest boon for the gay rights cause since Stonewall.

Rev Gains Rights Via Loophole

Link For the last five years, out lesbian Jen Nagel has been doing all the things you'd expect a reverend of the church to be doing. But she hasn't been able to call herself "Reverend" until now, thanks to a loophole in the laws for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Report: Life Was Better for Gays Under Saddam

Link Prior to the "big liberation" by US troops, gays and lesbians in Iraq say they weren't out loud and proud -- but they were quietly accepted by society. Since Saddam is gone and chaos is taking over, LGBT Iraqis say they're facing new discrimination and violence.

Parental Rights Gaining Ground in Europe

Link Europe's Court of Human Rights ruling in a French lesbian's adoption case is setting a precedent for the continent. Excluding people from the adoption process solely due to their orientation is a human rights no-no, so Ms. EB and her wife R are now co-parents -- and 10,000 Euros richer.

Campaign Frustrates LGBT Activists

Link No, you're not imagining things. When the Prez '08 campaign was young, the Dems did a pretty good job of sounding pro-gay rights. But as the days go by, they just don't seem to be waving that rainbow flag quite as much.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Documentary Explores Lesbian Beauty

Link No, not a particular gal but the lesbian "ideal" of beauty itself. The BBC flick asks: "Do lesbians like the same things as straight men?"

Lesbian Activist Snagged by DNC Lawsuit

Link The Democratic National Committee is throwing charges of perjury and more at Claire Lucas, a longtime DNC and Stonewall volunteer. The drama's focus: where does Claire really live?

Iowa Court Okays Second Parent Adoption

Link Iowa's Supreme Court overruled a district court's finding, and now Heather and Jamie Schott are co-parenting legally. The higher court said that terminating one parent's right in order to give parental rights to the other would be "absurd and not in the child's best interests."

Artist/Writer Creates Comic Strips for Queer Teens

Link You've probably seen Abby Denson's work in "The Powerpuff Girls," "Josie and the Pussycats" and "The Simpsons." She's also got a project called "Tough Love," aimed at the gay and lesbian high school crowd.

Bisexuality is Not a Gateway Drug

Link A 10-year study in Utah attempts to squelch the idea that bisexuality is just a label for women who can't commit to liking one gender over another. It does, however, mention a number of women who change labels depending on who they're dating.

Europe's First LGBT Nursing Home Opens

Link Looking for someplace to while away your golden years in style -- with your own kind? Berlin may have a place for you! Says the home's director, "When you're old,' he says, 'the last thing that you want to do is to have to hide."

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tasha's on Trial in L Word's New Season

Link As the quiet, intense Iraq vet on "The L Word," actress Rose Rollins is protective of character. "Attitude? There's a lot more to Tasha than her `attitude," says Rollins. And there's a lot more depth to her "opposites attract" relationship with Alice.

Dilemma: Kids Ask, Kids Tell

Link As any veteran can tell you, it's stressful hiding your true self under a uniform. But add kids to the mix and it becomes a lot harder to keep that professional closet door closed. Especially when they're in government-sponsored, on-base daycare.

Virginia LGBTs Ready for Lawmakers

Link In a state whose laws make it clear that "Virginia is for STRAIGHT Lovers," a new bill coming up for a vote is a minor condolence. If passed, it'll allow same-sex couples a bit more authority in cases of medical emergencies. Other gay-friendly legislation is on the list, too.

Sharon Stone is Looking for Lady Love

Link We've heard about Sharon's bi-side before, but now she's being a bit more specific about what piques her interest in the ladies. Faux lipstick lesbians can cool their jets, though...

HRC Names 2008's Gay-Friendliest Workplaces

Link The Human Rights Campaign's list covers almost 200 different companies who scored high on the organization's Equality Index. Even if you don't work for one of them, it's a nice list of businesses worth supporting.

Newscaster Fired After Namecalling

Link A Philadelphia television 'caster has been blown out of a gig -- and possibly a career -- after getting in a dustup with a female NYC cop. Seems Miz Famous likes to call people "dykes" without having a smile in her voice. Thanks for the tip, Daruma! You rawk!