Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lesbian Sex 101 for Heteros

Link An advice columnist answers straight people's ultimate question: How do lesbians have sex? Talk about informative! Did you know "muff diving" is another word for cunnillingus?

Taking a Second Look at Hillary

Link Between Hillary and Obama, it's hard to say who's courted the LGBT crowd well enough. Both have secured friends in high places, but the upcoming issue of Advocate takes a second look at Hillary's pink cred.

15,000 Sign California Rights Petition

Link The Governator's desk must be overflowing with paperwork, the latest addition being nearly 15,000 signed petitions demanding equal marriage rights in the Golden State. Among those who've been swayed: the mayor of San Diego -- who recently learned his own daughter is gay.

Maryland Gears Up For Another Round

Link After last week's losing battle in the courts, Maryland Equality refuses to concede defeat. They're renewing efforts and gathering more allies to fight to get civil marriage passed in that state, ala the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Link Maureen McCormick, aka Marsha from "The Brady Bunch" is the latest of the kids to pen a tell-all on the sin frollicking behind the scenes. Among the rumors: that she and her tv sis Eve Plumb (aka Jan) had a lesbian affair.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

When Hugging Seems Like Porn...

Link You know there's chemistry when a simple hug at the grocery store sends waves of perverted thoughts through the cashier -- and he gets you kicked out of the place.

'Top Chef' Star Attacked Outside Miami Bar

Link Lesbian "Top Chef" contestant Josie Smith-Malave is recovering from a gay-bashing incident that took place just after she and some friends were booted from a Nassau county bar. A homeless man has been charged in the attack.

Airline Kicks off All-Gay Flights

Link Whether you just want to immerse yourself in Gay Mardi Gras or make that pilgrimage to the land where "Xena" was filmed, Air New Zealand has your flight -- complete with drag queens and pink drinks. "Even the pilot was wearing fairy wings and got into it," says the marketing director.

Conversion Therapist Booted From Conference

Link Tired of pesky evangelical quacks invading your conference? Consider sending in an avalanche of protest letters. It worked for this bunch!