Monday, February 25, 2008

Surf's Up, and So Are the Chicks!

Link Summer's almost here, and we're pretty sure you're waxing up your surfboard, dreaming of those tasty waves. In the world of competitive surfing, the boys aren't out - but the girls sure are!

Story of Lesbian Cop's Pension Fight Wins Oscar

Link Laurel Hester had been a police officer for 25 years when she was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. Her fight to get pension rights for her partner was illustrated in "Freeheld", a flick that took the Oscar this year for Best Documentary Short Subject.

Two years ago, LNews ran a two-part story on Laurel's fight for benefits. Part One of Laurel's story, followed by Part Two.

Valerie Bertinelli's Very Brief Lesbian Fling

Link In her new memoir, the "One Day at a Time" hottie, admits to passionately smootching a gal: "She was a good kisser -- she really was!" Vals did say it on Oprah -- and challenged the hostess to say if she'd also kissed a woman! Oprah and her dear friend Gayle King are still apparently on the way-way down low...

When It Was Out To Be Out

Link Celebrities who come out of the closet usually get welcomed out with at least one magazine cover and a "we knew it!" blurb by Perez Hilton. Back in the day, though, the world wasn't so welcoming. Here are some notable celebs who didn't live to see the gay-welcoming light of day during their lifetimes.

Microsoft Co-Founder Leaves $65 Million to Gay Rights Groups

Link A high school classmate of Bill Gates, and one of the first five people to work at Microsoft, has bequeathed millions to help fund 10 of the US's biggest gay rights groups. According to the Pride Foundation, it's the biggest single bequest ever given to LGBT causes.

Dying Lesbian's Partner Denied Visitation

Link Janice Langbehn and Lisa Pond had been a couple for 18 years, but when Lisa was suddenly hospitalized, Florida state law and the hospital prevented Lisa from spending her last moment with Janice -- and her own children.

Monday, February 18, 2008

"Nude Awakening" Art Show Near Seattle

And who doesn't love artistically-rendered naked chicks, eh? The show's open every Saturday (1-5pm) though March 8th at Lowell Art Works in Everett, WA. You can see a few works by one of the show's featured artists, Kara Madson, here.

Poll: Kansas Supports LGBT Workers

Link Don't tell Fred Phelps, but a statewide poll has revealed that 8 in 10 Kansans don't believe an employee should be fired simply for being gay or lesbian. A bill aimed at turning that fairness into state law is now in the works.

In Search of a Black Gay Agenda

Link In the feverish race to eventually win equal rights, don't assume we're all interested in the same exactly the same things. For starters, a recent poll shows that among LGBT African-Americans, marriage rights aren't as big a priority as eliminating homophobia and racial economic disparity.

Sperm Cells Created From Female Embryo

Link Yes, we've heard this story before, along with the "men will become obsolete!" hysteria. But they've actually made little wigglers this time, and they're hoping to try with bone cells next. Kick-starting the necessary cell division to get a baby growing is another matter.

Study: NJ Civil Unions Create Second-Class Citizens

Link It's been a year since the Garden State allowed same-sex civil unions. Unfortunately, a recent study of the legal issues involved with those unions finds that it's created a legal "second-class status" for same-sex couples. Nope, no equality yet.

Lesbian Daughter Defends Herself Against Anti-Gay Pastor Dad

Link Coming out is tough enough, no matter what your age. Imagine how much tougher it'd be if your dad was a homophobic preacher.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New! LNews Erotica Section

Link If you like a little tasteful grrl-grrl smut with your lesbian news, wit and humor, you've come to the right place. Starting this month, LNews features a new Erotica section! Wanna get your work published? Email it to us!

Gay Marriage Expo Goes on the Road

The Same Love, Same Rights® Mobile Marriage Summit is holding a series of same-sex wedding expo events throughout the US, hoping to get their message across to voters as well as shoppers. The goal: to allow you and your valentine to get legally wed if you so desire.

Lesbian Blame-throwers Get Jail in Toddler Death

Link When their 23-month-old son died from suspicious numerous injuries, his two mommies went into blame-storming mode -- each accusing the other of dealing the fatal blows. The judge weeded through the drama, and now both will be relocating to a government-run gated community: prison.

Hillary vs Obama: Who's Winning The LGBT Voters

Link In the race for the White House, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are leading the pack among Democrats. Hillary, though, seems to have a slight edge when it comes to winning the votes among gays and lesbians.

LGBT Mormons Seek to "Convert" New Leader

Link Gay and lesbian Mormons hope to change some attitudes in the Church of Latter Day Saints (aka "LDS"). They're meeting with the church's new president in hopes of softening the organization's harsh stance against gays.

New Woody Allen Flick to Feature Hot Lesbian Scene

Link Woody Allen's not typically known for hot sex scenes in his flicks, but his upcoming project will apparently break that habit. "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" will feature some steamy sex that develops in a darkroom between Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Lesbian Artist Marries Lookalike Sex Doll

Link Chicago-area artist Amber Hawk wanted to study how people define feminism.

“I was looking for a receptacle for the onslaught of attention and negative feedback—a stand-in for myself,” Swanson explains. “It was just the right amount of crazy to order a $12,000 doll.”

And then the two of them jetted off to Las Vegas for a glitzy wedding. We're not kidding.

California May Establish First-Ever Gay Holiday

Link You've heard the joke: "If being gay is an illness, let's call in queer to work!" A bill's been introduced in the Golden State that just might give us an official day to do that. If it passes, it'd be the first time any state has done so.

Domestic Partnerships Now Legal in Oregon

Link “Champagne, ya gotta do it,” said Tiffany Isaman, as she and her partner of four years, Clair Shannon, toasted each other and exchanged rings outside the county building on Monday.

“There aren’t words to describe how I feel. I’m floating,” Isaman added.

New Site to Support Lesbian Filmmakers

Link Professional equipment, a great script and a talented crew costs money -- and cash isn't falling from the sky for lesbian filmmakers. A new website, however, is hoping to change that with a pay-per-view system for lesbian short films. The goal is to raise money so we can finally have some great lesbian flicks for a change.

Florida Teen Sues School Over T-Shirt Flap

Link Heather Gillman didn't expect to end up in trouble for wearing a T-shirt that encouraged fair treatment for gay folks, but her high school had other ideas. Now there's a lawsuit, and the ACLU is involved. The kicker? Heather's straight.

Honeymoon Over for UK Weddings?

Link Civil partnerships became legal in the UK in 2005, but since then, officials have noticed a distinct tapering off in the rush to the altar (so to speak). The number of new, legal same-sex partnerships have dropped by half since last year.