Sunday, October 28, 2007

Prison Guards Face Heat for Allowing Wedding

Link With the support of their pals, two Florida inmates were wed in a lovely makeshift ceremony complete with wedding cake, music and a reception. So what's the fuss? Apparently the pink bows were made with government forms -- thus making it seem partially sanctioned by the prison system. Scandal! The Smoking Gun is there...

Genetic Tinkering Turns Worms Into Lesbians

Link With AIDS, cancer and a host of other medical issues ravaging the world, isn't it nice to know somebody's still funding studies into "what makes homos?" The Nature vs Nurture debate continues. Oy vey.

Oprah Show Takes a Look at Global LGBT Rights

Link And frankly, there aren't many. In too many countries, our existence is either denied or threatened with imprisonment -- or a death sentence. This is an excerpt from Oprah's recent "Gay Around the World" show.

Documentary Winner: "For The Bible Tells Me So"

Link Taking top audience honors in the Seattle International Film Fest is a documentary on how religion has been used to justify anti-gay hate. The film and this article, feature some powerful statements by families who've discovered a gay or lesbian child in their midst.

Obama's Gospel Tour Raising Eyebrows

Link As part of courting the African-American vote, US Prez contender Barak Obama's gospel tour is heading through the Southern States. But by adding a controversial self-hating gay singer to the mix, he's opened the void between LGBT voters and African-American Christians.

Internet Hate Monger Slapped With Fine

Link A Canadian woman whose hate-filled rants were spewed onto a US-based white supremacist website has been slapped with a hefty fine. Hmm, how to weigh freedom of speech against hate speech...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ellen in Catfight Over Doggy Adoption

Link Ellen adopts the darlingest lil mutt, only to find out the pooch can't get along with her cats. Her hairdresser's home turns out to be a great fit for little Iggy, but the pet adoption agency doesn't agree and the fur begins to fly!

Lesbian Couple First to Adopt in Maine

Link Marilyn Kirby and Ann Courtney have become the first same-sex couple to successfully co-adopt two kids who were rescued from unfit parents. After initially being shot down in court, the two decided to file a lawsuit -- and pulled in support from some big name groups, including the American Academy of Pediatrics.

ENDA Not Dead Yet

Link The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a potential federal law which calls for banning job discrimination based on sexual orientation, was saved from oblivion in a House committee vote on Friday when four Republicans jumped the conservative fence and voted for it. The ENDA goes up for a full House of Reps vote this week, so keep the pressure on your reps to pass it!

Lesbian War Protester Bails for Canada

Link Being against the Iraq war/civil war/fustercluck was enough for Skyler James to want to quit the US Army, but when outing herself wasn't enough to get kicked out, she decided to take the classic way out -- heading north to Canada.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Kids Are Alright

Link A new study from the Netherlands shows what most of us already know: that children reared by lesbian parents do just fine. It's not the gender that's important, but that kids are raised by good, loving parents.

Hitting the Gay Glass Ceiling

Link It's a sadly familiar story. You're a dedicated company employee, worked your way up the ladder over the course of years -- but you stand to lose it all if the boss finds out you're not straight.

NYC Teachers Union Prez Comes Out

Link As head of the 160,000-member United Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten is one of the Big Apple's most powerful labor leaders. Now that she's totally out, she plans to move forward an agenda for tolerance, equality and respect.

Still No Marriage for California

Link The Governator has dittoed his previous anti-gay stance by shooting down a second gay marriage bill that crossed his desk. His take: he already supports domestic partnerships, so what's the big deal?

New Dyke-Centric Travel Guide Online

Link If you're tired of GLBT travel guides that spend 99% of their ink on hotspots for boys, you'll like this new site. GirlPorts focuses on lesbian-friendly hotspots of the world instead and includes a handy audio translator so you can chat up the chickies in a couple of different languages!

New Lesbian Video Series Online!

Link Need a switch from the unlikely gloss of "The L Word?" Take a bite of "Apples," a new lesbian online telenovela about the lives and loves of seven 20-something hotties in Spain. Don't worry if your Espanol is a little rusty. Just click on the little Brit flag to watch the subtitled version.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Angelia's Waves of Lesbian Energy

Link Already known for her high titillation value, Angelina Jolie seems to be projecting a halo of lesbian pheromones. One of her female co-stars in 2004's "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" says, "Her eyes transfer a sexual energy to me that makes her irresistible!"

Immigrants Posing New Fundie Threat in West US

Link The left side of the US is known for being more accepting of LGBT folks and immigrants, but some among the latter group are ramping up the hate to deadly levels of gay bashing. Meet the new wave of dangerous Evangelicals.

Arkansas Gov. Opposes Anti-Gay Adoption Measure

Link Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe says he's against an voter initiative that would ban adoption by gay or unmarried hetero couples. The reason? It's not because he's pro-gay adoption...

Lesbian Tennis Coach to Cops: "I like men!"

Link The scandal continues with the tennis coach who boffed a teenage female student. Now the petulant pedophile is trying to play the hetero card with police.

Gay Hatin' to Officially Be Named a Crime in UK

Link Inciting hatred and against the gays and lesbians is set to listed as a crime in the UK. Even if they didn't actually swing the bat, those who stir up trouble would find themselves eligible for a 7-year stay in the pokey.

Lynne Cheney: "I've Evolved"

Link The Second Lady (aka Mary Cheney's Mom) says her views on gay kids has changed now that she has one of her own. She's touting a new book, which sadly is not a sequel to her trashy, bodice-ripping lesbian novel, "Sisters".

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Latest Japan Craze: Erotic Image Training

Link Ah, the Land of the Rising Sun, where all manner of hip kink and weirdness flourishes! The latest involves a new technique to boost your love life, and requires that you practice your "O Face" regularly so you'll look that much nicer when the real thing happens.

The ENDA Discrimination...Or More Politics As Usual?

Link Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass), who's celebrating 20 years as an openly gay Congresscritter, has introduced two versions of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) for discussion on Capitol Hill. One version covers gays and bisexuals, the other includes transgender persons.

“It comes down to three choices,” Frank said Friday. “We vote on a bill with the transgender [clause] and we lose, we pull the bill altogether, or we pass the one with sexual orientation.”

Are the Fundies Losing Their Grip?

Link With Jerry Falwell six feet under and Pat Robertson approaching dinosaur status, the far-right Christian fundamentalist crowd don't have as much sway with the Republican party as they used to? Will their next move be to create their own political party? And if so, will anyone care?

Tennis Coach Bags 13-Year-Old, Faces Jail

Link One of the UK's top female tennis coaches claims she's completely heterosexual, despite the "love contract" written to her by a young female student. And that traces of her DNA were found on said student's undies. And that they were caught in bed, nekkie together by Mom.