Monday, September 22, 2008

Katy "Kissed a Girl" Perry's Parents Are Pissed

"I Kissed a Girl" popped up on the radio about every 15 minutes over the summer, made Katy Perry a bit of a star. Her evangelical parents are horrified. Perhaps they've forgotten the gospel album their daughter did in 2001 under the name Katy Hudson?

McCain, Obama Avoid "Marriage Issue"

Although same-sex marriage may be a hot button for some voters, US Prez contenders are doing their best to avoid the issue this go 'round. With anti-marriage amendments potentially popping up in three states, this has been no easy task. Proponents of both sides are itching for a comment in their favor -- and soon!

Not registered to vote yet? Do it here. It's free! And yes, your vote counts.

Brad Pitt Donates Cash to Marriage Ban Fight

Sure, we may envy him his Angelina, but we still think Brad's a nice guy. Especially after hearing that he's dropped a huge wad of cash to help fight a California ballot initiative that would overturn same-sex marriage in that state. Let's hope his generosity rubs off on other celebs.

If you're a California, there's plenty you can do to Fight Proposition 8.

Ellen: The New Face of Cover Girl

We always knew she was a beauty, but now a major cosmetic company's finally figuring it out. Ellen Degeneres has been named the new face of Cover Girl. Don't worry. They're not painting her up like a hussy.

Heather Matarazzo Gets Engaged

The actress who's played Stacey Merkin on The L Word -- and Dawn Weiner in "Welcome to the Dollhouse" -- has recently proposed to her girlfriend of one year. And her girlfriend proposed right back.

Poll: Sexiest Women on the Planet

A recent survey of 4,000 Australian lesbians reveals their top choices of "Women We'd Love to Love." Perennial US favorites like Gina Gershon and Angelina Jolie aren't on the list, so keep in mind this is what the Aussie babes are looking for. And frankly, there are some lovely choices here. Link includes slideshow of hotties, too.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Palin's Church: "Pray Away the Gay!"

John McCain's anti-woman, vastly younger choice of a veep candidate, Sarah Palin, was obviously chosen with fundie moms in mind. Her church subscribes to the anti-gay religious conversion plan, and yes, she's got a staunchly anti-gay record, too. Despite the claim she has "good friends" who are gay.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Interview: Comedian Julie Goldman

You've seen her on Logo's "Big Gay Sketch Show" as many outrageous characters. Her lack of shame and keen wit make her adorably cute. Curve has the interview with Julie Goldman.

Atlanta's Femme Mafia's Still Partying

Here's an offer you can't refuse: "Have you recently been laid-off or demoted at your job? Have you found yourself making "the call" to Comcast to finally sacrifice your access to Showtime? Perhaps you're rolling quarters as we speak, just so you can put some over-priced gas in your car tomorrow?? Sounds like you're just in time for our fabulous Recession-Proof After-Party! The party goal is to forget about all of our worries and cares for one unforgettable evening of D&D (drinks & debauchery, of course!)." If you're in the Atlanta area, get in touch with the super and sassy Femme Mafia and join the fun!

Lesbian Sex & Sexuality: Season 2 Kicks Off

Here TV's smart, funny docu-series about us gals and what we like kicks off the second season with a look at the delightfully smutty-campy allure of lesbian burlesque.

Study: Higher Ed No Guarantee of Tolerance

The American Political Science Association took a survey recently among its group members, and found some interesting numbers regarding the LGBT political science educators. Seems quite of few of them are still experiencing some harsh discriminatory attitudes from their co-horts.