Monday, June 30, 2008

The Science of Gaydar

It's hard to explain "gaydar" to your straight friends. It's not always a fashion or haircuts thing. It's just something you can detech from sometimes really, really subtle clues. Well, with all the research being doing (much of it complete quackery), here's a handy scientific guide to gaydar and how it works.

Key West Gearing Up for Womenfest 2008

Didn't get enough cute chickies and lesbian solidarity during Pride Month? Get a week more of girl-style gay-osity in September via Womenfest! Just be sure to get an even tan, though. That swimming pool is clothing-optional.

Are Pride Festies Getting Too Corporate?

One of the perks of attending a Pride Parade is snagging all the swag that's hurled from the floats or passed out by cuties along the route. The gimmes usually range from safe sex rubberosities to discounts at LGBT-owned businesses. These days, however, more not-typically-queer corporations are making their presence known in our parades and in our post-parade festivals. Are they sharing the love with us or are we selling out?

Aloha State Rethinking Gay Marriage

Since same-sex marriage was legalized in a couple of US states, the sky hasn't fallen on Massachusetts, and California hasn't broken off and fallen into the ocean amidst a hail of brimstone. Hawaii got pretty close to legalizing things several years ago, and now Hawaiians are quietly pondering if they shouldn't also go ahead and allow gay marriage.

NYC Loses Another Lesbian Bar

Now that lesbians feel completely safe beering it up at regular bars in the Big Apple, they're bidding farewell to Ruby Fruit after 23 years. Just kidding. It's all about rising rents and the difficulty of keeping a lesbian bar alive.

Couples Find Marriage is a Mixed Bag

For some couples, marriage just legally confirms the love and commitment they have with each other. For some though, it starts an unravelling process they never expected to experience in the relationship.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

California Preps For Busy Week of Marriages

Link On Monday, California becomes the second American state to allow same-sex marriages, and one of the clerks is taking it personally -- in a very good way. Eileen Shields' daughter married a woman in Massachusetts, and Eileen wants other couples to share that joy.

Are Religious Progressive Voices Silent?

Link Nope, they're just being ignored. When it comes to having a "religious spokesperson" on a talk show, especially when the topic includes homosexuality, too many media outlets think having a conservative voice adequately covers their religious bases.

Gay Contingent Marches in Boston's St Patricks Parade

Link After years of being shut out, Boston's St Patrick's Day parade finally allowed the LGBT Irish to join in. We're guessing that having the mayor's daughter come out last week probably helped the cause.

UK Okays Uniforms in Pride March

Link Like most countries, the United Kingdom doesn't allow its troopies to participate in any wacky shenanigans while wearing their uniforms. This year, they've decided that Gay Pride isn't so naughty after all, and military folks can wear their official duds with Pride.

Study: Homosexuality Lies in the Brain

Link Yet another study that purports that we are physically different, and somehow guy-like, in our gray matter. Among the findings: lesbians responded much more strongly to female hormones. Hell, we could have told them that!

Jodie Foster is Single Again

Link Rumor has it that Jodie Foster has split up with her partner of 14 years. And it was only a few months ago that she came out by mentioning "beautiful Cydney" in a speech at a film fest.

Gay Women Get Breast Cancer, Too

Link Whether it's hard to find a doctor you're comfortable with, or you think you don't need to see a gynecologist because you don't need birth control, it's time to get over those fears. Cynthia Nixon of "Sex and the City" is a survivor herself, and reminds us that we're not immune to breast cancer, and need to get checked.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy Pride Month!

Link It's time once again to polish up your rainbow beads and plan for that socio-political happy fun time known as "Pride!" Here's an enormous list of worldwide Pride events for you to choose from. The list is constantly being updated, so if you don't see your city yet, stay tuned.

Pride Month Tip: Baby's First Pride March

Link If you're a kid, the only thing more fun than watching a parade is being in it. It's like you're a rock star! If this year's Pride parade is the first for your child, here are some tips on making it a good time and a great memory for both of you.

New York to Recognize Out-of-State Marriages

Link With California joining Massachusetts as states that allow same-sex marriage, New York's governor is pushing the state to recognize those marriages. Although it's not calling for marriage in New York, it's a good step in that direction.

Texas Couples Heading to California for Marriage

Link Although they were married in Canada three years ago, Rev. Cindi Love and Sue Jennings are heading to California. Together for 28 years, they hope legal marriage in a US state will eventually be recognized in their home state of Texas.

Gay Marriage Issue Won't Help Republicans

Link Although gay panic helped push Republicans into office in the last elections, voters won't be fooled again. With more pressing issues to worry about, voters minds are opening up favorably to same-sex marriage and gay rights this time around.

LGBT Activists Attempt Rally in Moscow

Link While some of us wonder if Pride parades are still necessary, gays and lesbians in Russian are still enduring a hateful 1950s-era attitude toward their very existence. Even though Moscow's mayor calls them "satanic", they're still fighting for permission to have a small Pride celebration of their own this year.