Tuesday, October 07, 2008

National Coming Out Day is Saturday, Oct. 11th

Shine your Doc Martins, put extra product in your hair or do whatever it takes to dress up in your gayest apparel this weekend for National Coming Out Day -- even if you're already out. Heck, if you're out, be supportive to those who are coming out.

Seriously, if they knew how many of us are REALLY out there, they'd be a lot nicer to us, don't ya think?

A few tips for those planning the big first time self-outing here. Also, right-clicking on the pride flag over there will allow you to save the graphic to your puter, print it out and tape it on your windshield. Because it's especially important to be out during Election Season.

California Tops Massachusetts in Gay Marriages

The Golden State legalized same-sex marriage in June 2008, and the West Coasties are leading the pack in grrl-grrl/boy-boy nuptials. Is it the sunny weather? Or are Cali girls more anxious to be wed while the Mass babes are taking it slow?

C of E Rev Slammed for Anti-Gay Blog Slur

The Church of England Reverend Peter Mullen may get blown out on his backside over a little quip on his blog, that queers should be tattooed with a warning label on their backsides: "Sodomy can seriously damage your health."

Now, is he referring to boy sodomy or girl sodomy? Would he change his tune if it was two hot chicks going at it? In either case, the joke ain't funny.

Potential Marriage Ban Brings Out Cali Voters, Cash

Spirits are high in California, where a ballot initiative's been floating around that would quash same-sex marriage in that state. Both the "fors" and the "againsts" have poured a combined $41.2 million bucks into the issue.

"For an issue like this, it's a lot of money," said Rachel Weiss, a spokeswoman for the national Organization on Money in State Politics. "California is in its own universe."

LGBT Candidates Hope for Breakthroughs

The top spot isn't the only one up for grabs this November. It's also election season for other federal, state and local offices. This year, LGBT candidates are seeing some good trends and hoping for a big election year breakout. Among them is South Carolina's Linda Ketner, Oregon's Kate Brown, Texas' Lupe Valdez. In 2004, Valdez became the first woman, first lesbian and first Latina sheriff.

Seriously grrls. If you want to see more people like you in office, register and vote!