Thursday, March 29, 2007

Drew Barrymore has "Lesbian Sex Rumor"

Link The former editor of a now-defunct magazine told all to Howard Stern, declaring that she's done the do with delightful Drew Barrymore. What does Drew say about it?

John McCain Favors Gay Marriage?

Link Presidential contender John McCain apparently hired a thieving idiot to run his MySpace page. Said idiot hotlinked to an image on someone else's page. So the owner of the image (who had to pay for the stolen bandwidth) changed the image to read that McCain had changed his mind and was now in favor of gay marriage "particularly marriage between passionate females." We LOLd a lot...

Scholarships for LGBT Athletes Available

Link Are you a teenage Martina? Hoping to score your gay way to a college scholarship? If you're reading this blog, you just might be eligble.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tony Blair Proud of Civil Unions in UK

Link The British Prime Minister told one of the UK's largest campaign groups that he's proud of the "civilizing effect" civil unions have on the rest of society. So get out there and make everybody proud. Act civilized for a change, eh?

Newest Couple: Joan Jett and Carmen Electra?

Link One source says they've been dating for several months. Carmen Electra's burlesque troupe will be performing at Dinah Shore,and she says she's got "a big bombshell" to drop soon.

South Carolina Bans Gay Marriage

Link After a November vote, South Carolina legislators made it into law. No chance for same-sex marriage in the Palmetto state. New Hampshire, on the other hand, is moving forward on civil unions.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pancake House Boots Out Lesbian Kissers

Link It wasn't even a heavy makeout session, just a chaste little smooch between two women. But it was enough to send the patrons of a Kansas City IHOP into a tizzy - and it's made for some lame PR efforts from the IHOP HQ.

New Mexico to Vote on Same-Sex Partnerships

Link HB 603, the Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act, would create a host of legal protections for the rights of committed couples. Again, it's not marriage, but it is a step forward.

Marriage Legalized in Mexico City

Link Mexico City is apparently a hotbed of liberalism in a conservative country. Same-sex marriage has been legalized there, and the act spurred 570 couples to tie the knot!

St Patrick Not Showing the Love Again This Year

Link Once again, New York's St Patrick's Day Parade is banning any LGBT contingent -- and upping the ante by preventing firefighters from marching, too. Nice snub for the heroes of 9/11. Happy St Paddy's day, eh?

Rosie Gets Treatment for Depression

Link The Queen of Nice and R Family Cruise Director admits she's not giving into depression without a fight -- and some treatment.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Couple Sues Over "Lost" Embryos

Link Adriana Pacheco and Cathy Berger had plans for parenting, but now they're plaintiffs in a $3 million dollar lawsuit. At stake: six missing embryos that were to have been their children.

Hillary Rallies Troops at HRC Meeting

Link Democratic Presidential contender Hillary Clinton is making her support for gay rights obvious from the start in remarks made at a recent meeting of the Human Rights Campaign. She also notes that she and the organization have the same initials.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dallas Station to Launch Pride Radio

Link Pride Radio is coming to the U.S.'s 6th largest gay community, and promises the stereotypical mix of dance music and celebrity gossip. The kicker: it's a Clear Channel radio station. Yes, the same folks that bring you Rush Limbaugh.

Georgia Court Declines to Hear Gay Adoption Case

Link “It’s very important in adoptions that after a period of time the adoption be final, and there be no threat to the parent-child relationship.” Which means it's a kinda-sorta victory for gay rights, depending on the case.

Syndey Parade Wows the Crowds

Link More than 350,000 turned out to watch -- and join in -- the 29th Annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade in Oz. This year's fest included 250 Kylie Minogue impersonators, but sadly, no Xenas.