Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hillary vs Obama: Who's Winning The LGBT Voters

Link In the race for the White House, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are leading the pack among Democrats. Hillary, though, seems to have a slight edge when it comes to winning the votes among gays and lesbians.

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Anonymous said...

Which is interesting, since she was half the DOMA team.

Out here in PinkTown, Obama has an image problem. Remember the five minutes when gay marriage was legal in California? Obama dropped in and refused to hang out with or take a picture with SF's mayor.

Mayor Newsom took (and is still taking) major offense, and it seemed to signal that Obama was not such a fan of the gheyboys and goils.

Remember, that long legacy of black history also includes a large number of anti-gay folks. MLK himself was not a supporter of gay rights, so Obama might not see it as all that important.

Certainly he has no reason to care right now.