Friday, October 07, 2005

Fox Newsie Urges A Blind Grrl Date for Condi Rice

(Link) We all know the rumors about the Secretary of State, but this Fox news correspondent is running with it by trying to hook up Condoleeza Rice with a former Miss Minnesota -- during a live tv interview.

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LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post:
New York Daily News

An interview with Condoleezza Rice turned bizarre last week, when Fox News correspondent James Rosen appeared to try to fix her up with "Fox & Friends" anchor Lauren Green.

The former Miss Minnesota is "single" and "beautiful," Rosen said, encouraging the secretary of state to get in touch. The Sept. 27 interview from Port au Prince, Haiti, started out seriously enough, with Rice expounding on Haitian elections and security, and on Iran as well. But at the end, Rosen popped a wheelie, and the discussion, posted on, ended thusly:

ROSEN: "All right. I close with a gift for you. You met this person once, I believe, but you really, I think, ought to know each other because this woman is, I think you'll have an interest in knowing her. She is one of our Fox News anchors in New York. Her name is Lauren Green. She is brilliant, she's beautiful, she's African-American, she's single and she's a concert pianist in her spare time.

RICE: My goodness.

ROSEN: And she asked me to give you her CD, and I promised her that I would.

RICE: That's perfect.

ROSEN: And here's her doing a number of different classical pieces.

RICE: Well, that's special.

ROSEN: So there you have it.

RICE: Thank her very much, and I look forward to seeing her sometime.

ROSEN: All right. She's going to want to hear from you.

RICE: And maybe even play dual piano sometime.

Just so you know, Rice has been accompanied to state dinners by NFL chief of football operations Gene Washington, who maintains the two are "just friends."

When asked if Green is a lesbian, a Fox News spokeswoman said, "I don't know."