Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lovers Spat Becomes Commuters Entertainment

(Link) Can't wait for your invite to the Jerry Springer Show? Try airing your dirty laundry -- literally -- from the overpass like these two did!

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LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post:
The Sun UK

A COUPLE who rowed by draping banners over a bypass bridge have announced they are back together — as LESBIAN lovers.

The bust-up began with a banner reading “Wendy, I want a divorce. JSB.”

A reply read: “No way, you’re the cheat. Wendy.”

A third suggested: “I reckon we should meet.”

Their latest banner reveals they are “back together” — and unveiled their identities as Wendy and Jenny.

Drivers have been following the row for weeks on the A27 near Brighton.

One said yesterday: “It certainly was an unusual lovers’ tiff.”