Friday, October 14, 2005

Conservative Talk Radio Now Plays the L Card

(Link) An LA talk station is now dropping hints that Bush's Supreme Court nominee Helen Meirs -- never-married at 50+ -- must be a lesbian. Did we not see this coming? Of course we did!

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LNewsEditor said...

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From E-the People


So I'm driving from LA to my rural California home near Palm Springs last night.

I pick up on KFI AM talk-radio from LA...where two announcers, and several callers, are questioning the sexuality of Helen Miers...the bush nominee for our supremely unleaded court.

They're basically saying..."we've heard rumors about Miers possibly being a lesbian, and if it's true, she can't possibly be approved by conservatives...because it goes against our beliefs."

So they interview a guy that they say is a long-time boyfriend of Helen's. He says that their relationship has been purely as friends, and not intimate. And the announcers present this as proof that Miers is gay...and...unfit to be on the court?!#&?!

So I ask myself..." I really hearing this bullshit?" And the answer was...after about 45 minutes of this garbage...


To set the record straight...I think that her appointment is purely cronyism...and stupidity on bush's part. So what's new? I've become accustomed to this idiot's ways.

But these self-proclaimed moral majority conservatives have made us fillibustering liberal Democrats look like saints.

Can this possibly be the country that I grew up in...and is this the same country that I proudly called...

...America the Beautiful?

Or are these moral majority freaks simply coming out of the closet? Or are they operating under a new name?

Did they used to be members of the KKK, or some other sinister organization.