Thursday, September 08, 2005

Americans For Truth Praises Governator for Upcoming Veto

(Link) Because the only thing more threatening to America than a homosexual is a married homosexual. If this group's rant doesn't amuse you, surely the website's "Rent a Wife" ad will.

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LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post:
CHICAGO, Ill., Sept. 8 /Christian Wire Service/ -- Americans for Truth (AFT) President Peter LaBarbera assailed California's Democrat-led legislature for passing a bill that would change the definition of marriage from man-woman to "two persons"--and praised California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for promising to veto the legislation.

"California's Democrat-dominated legislature has acted with breathtaking arrogance by changing the age-old definition of marriage as between a man and a woman," LaBarbera said. "While we are thankful that Gov. Schwarzenegger will do the right thing and veto this bill, we are troubled by his continued support for the rest of the homosexual agenda, and shocked that a state legislature would so brazenly deny God's natural law."

LaBarbera assailed California's liberal legislators for portraying pro-traditional-marriage laws as bigoted and discriminatory.

"We understand that liberals feel they are smarter than and morally superior to the rest of us, but they cannot change the fact that Nature itself discriminates against homosexuality," he said. "The human body was not created for homosexual acts, which is why we see so many men who practice homosexuality contracting sexual diseases that endanger their very lives."

"How can we now turn around and say that a lifestyle that is so unhealthy that it leads to premature death is somehow the basis for 'marriage'?" LaBarbera asked. "Thank God that homosexuality is a changeable lifestyle." (See for the story of one former homosexual, Stephen Bennett.)

Evidence of the destructiveness of homosexual behavior continues to pour in: there growing concern over the spread of lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV) among homosexual men. According to, "LGV is caused by a variant of the chlamydia bacterium which causes a severe infection in the rectum and groin."

AFT Chairman Michael Heath said pro-homosexual elites are leading America into a moral abyss through their reckless promotion of laws and court decisions that undermine the natural family and marriage, thus threatening children's welfare.

"Liberal proponents of homosexual 'marriage' flatter themselves by casting their agenda as part of a modern civil rights struggle," Heath said. "But there is nothing noble about advancing the final frontier of a sexual revolution that has resulted in tens of thousands of men getting sick or dying young because they engage in homosexual perversions."

"There is nothing progressive about turning nature and God's sacred design for marriage on its head in the name of civil rights," Heath said.

"And there is certainly nothing courageous about creating a Brave New definition of marriage that will lead to more innocent children being placed in homosexual households that are fatherless or motherless by design--and schools teaching homosexual 'marriage' as normal and just another lifestyle choice."

Americans for Truth is dedicated to telling the full truth about the homosexual, bisexual and "transgender" lifestyles, and the well-funded "gay" political groups that advance this agenda.