Monday, September 19, 2005

Texas Churches Kick Off Anti-Gay Voter Drive

(Link) The head of the GOP-backed Restoration Project says the goal is to "restore Bible-based morality". It's a good bet that "morality" stance doesn't include discrimination against eating shellfish, ham on Sunday or wearing polyester.

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LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post:
(Austin, Texas) Churchgoers at about 2,000 churches across Texas Sunday were encouraged to register to vote this November in a massive voter drive that has some in the state wondering if the line between church and state had not been crossed.

A proposed amendment to the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage is on the ballot and churches have been actively supporting the move.

Sunday's voter drive was organized by the Texas Restoration Project a conservative action group that is supporting the amendment. The group is headed by the Rev. Laurence White of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Houston.

He says that the aim of the Restoration Project is to restore Bible-based morality in America.

"We will have Citizenship Sundays that are intended and designed to encourage the voters then registered to turn out and vote and to vote as Christians, to vote not on the basis of their party affiliation or their economic status or their ethnic background but as Christians," White told the Houston Chronicle.

But, critics say the organization is really controlled by the Republican Party of Texas and its real purpose is to get GOP Gov. Rick Perry reelected.

The Chronicle reports that the political consulting firm handling the group's logistics is a company that did $3.2 million in business last year with the state GOP and Republican candidates for office. The paper also said that the company is headed by the former spokesman for a Republican congressman and the former executive director of the Texas Republican Party.

Since its founding in May the Texas Restoration Project has had a series of closed-door "pastor policy briefings" across the state at which Perry was been a featured guest.