Friday, September 30, 2005

Hubby Cleared of Sabotage Charges Against Wife's Lover

(Link) Husband catches wife in clinch with another woman. Wife vows to end the romance, but moves the other woman into the house in the meantime. Somebody does a "brake job" on other woman's car, but hubby couldn't have done it, right?

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LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post:
From RainbowNetwork

A man accused of cutting the brakes of a car driven by his wife’s lesbian lover has been cleared of all charges.

Bryan Bamford denied causing criminal damage with intent to endanger life and had claimed had been “stitched up” after pliers were found in his car

During the trial Emma Bedford said that she discovered that her brakes had failed when she turned onto a steep downhill road in her Ford Escort. She was forced to swerve into a side road and skid to a halt by using the handbrake.

It was later found that someone had stuffed potatoes in the car's exhaust pipe and that the brake fluid reservoir was empty.

Bryan Bamford had told the jury that he did not see the relationship between the women as threatening and that his wife had agreed to a reconciliation and that he had moved back into the family, while Bedford slept on an airbed downstairs.

"I did not see it as threatening. I knew my wife was not a lesbian and thought it would die a natural death,” Bamford said.

"Karen said she would finish with Emma and that she would tell her tomorrow. But tomorrow never came," he added.

After he was unanimously cleared he said: "Justice has been done. I hope the lesbians live happily together."