Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Now on Sale: LWord Bling & Perfume

(Link) So what if you don't look like Shane. Now you can smell like her -- for only $75 a pop! Whether you get as much action is all up to you.

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JIC Post:
From Washington Blade

If no group of people really exists until corporate American can find a way to market needless crap to it, then lesbians have finally arrived. Showtime’s Sapphic series “The L Word,” is coming out with a whole line of goods to compliment the show’s new season, which premieres Jan. 8.

The merchandizing blitz starts off with jewelry and perfume.

What typifies a lesbian scent, you ask? “Confident, independent, strong, romantic, very feminine,” Ron Robinson, president of the company that is selling the perfume at $75 for a 50-milliliter bottle, told the New York Times.

The jewelry line is going to be called “The L Word Collection” and will be marketed by New York’s Love and Pride company. Designer Udi Behr will be the creator of the baubles that will run from $30 to $1,000, although Behr says that most items are under $100. Love and Pride also plans on coming out with a line of jewelry for Showtime’s recently deceased “Queer as Folk” series.

Dish wonders if the lesbian bling will consist of rhinestones that spell out “U-Haul.”

Kept men

Former Hollywood madam HEIDI FLEISS is dipping into the sex worker business once again, according to an article from Newsweek. The sexual entrepreneur is planning to open Heidi’s Stud Farm, a legal brothel with male workers serving it up to the clientele in Nevada.

Fleiss ran a big, high-priced call-girl operation in Hollywood in the ’90s until she was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison starting in 1997 for money laundering, tax evasion and attempted pandering.

Even though Nevada is a red state, bordellos are legal and Fleiss is reportedly trying to get a license to open up her home for manly mattress-dancers. Should Nevada lawmakers attempt to run her out of the state for her new improprieties, Fleiss reports that she’s ready to take on a legal battle. She says that the state’s existing laws are discriminatory against male hustlers.

“What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander,” she told Newsweek.

Fleiss is currently planning to market to women only. Gay Nevada state assemblyman David Parks will be asking for a legal opinion on whether or not Fleiss can actually stop a man from renting more man based on the state’s non-bias law. Dish always said it was discriminatory to try to keep someone from paying for sex based on gender.

Apparently more than 1,000 would-be employees have contacted Fleiss, and she’s already hired former soap-opera actor LESTER JAMES BRANDT.

“I’ve been following the guide to how to be an actor all this time,” Brandt told Newsweek. “But I never got the big break.”

It’s a short fall from hustling actor to plain old hustler, and it sounds like Brandt has made the jump.


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