Friday, December 16, 2005

UK's Tories Appoint Out Lesbian Vice-Chairman

(Link) Perhaps the only time you'll see the words "lesbian" and "conservative" in the same sentence.

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JIC Post:
By Ben Townley

The new Conservative leader David Cameron has appointed the party's first out lesbian to be a vice-chairman of the party.

Margo James, long tipped as a rising star within the party, will be the vice-chairman responsible for women's issues.

Ms James has already made a name for herself as being the first out woman to stand for parliament, when she contested the Holborn and St Pancras seat in London during the election.

Although she failed to win that seat, which is in a Labour heartland, she is expected to be one of the new breed of women being pushed through the party.

Cameron has already told his party that one of his first jobs will be to increase the number of women MPs and to diversify the range of people who represent the Conservatives at all levels.

He is expected to outline a priority candidate list for the next election which will include an increased number of women and ethnic minorities fielded in winnable Conservative seats.

If Ms James does gain a seat in parliament, she will be the first out lesbian to win a seat.

Currently, Angela Eagle is the only out lesbian in the House of Commons. The Labour MP for Wallasey she came out in 1997, after winning her seat in 1992 and being re-elected.

She retained her seat in this year's election.