Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Civil Unions Now In Effect in the UK

(Link) New ruling may close the gap on your long distance internet romance with that Brit babe. Just sign here and here, and there, and check this box and file this in triplicate with your embassy. Classes in "British Slang" and "Proper Tea Making 101" will begin in 10 minutes.

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JIC Post:
By Matthew Davies
Gay.com UK

From today, the 14th November 2005, lesbian and gay couples can, for the first time, come to the UK in order to enter into a civil partnership. This is a historic event. It means people living in the UK in relationships with someone from another country can have their partner join them here with a special visa. But new changes often raise more questions than answers. Here are the most common:

Q: How do I know if I can register my civil partnership with someone from abroad?

A: If you are British, or a citizen of an EU country, or have permanent residency in the UK, you can register your civil partnership with someone from abroad. So you can do it if you are living in the UK in some temporary category such as student or work permit holder.

However, your partner will have to meet often complex immigration requirements and follow formal procedures. The UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group is a charity that provides help and is the best place to start. Visit their excellent website at www.uklgig.org.uk

Q: What does my partner have to do if they are currently living abroad?

A: If your partner is living abroad he or she can apply for a visa to come to the UK in order to register as a civil partner. They would have to apply for this visa from the British Embassy in the country where they are living. It may be possible to have the Civil Partnership registered at the British Embassy in the foreign partners home country - this will depend on whether such a ceremony is acceptable locally.

Q: What if they are currently living here?

A: If they are already living with you in the UK they will have to apply for a Certificate of Approval from the Home Office before they can enter into a civil partnership. This Certificate will only be issued to them if they are legally in the UK with a visa that was issued for a period of longer than 6 months and which has at least three months left to run on it.

If they do not have such a visa, or they are illegally in the UK, they will have to return to their home country and apply for a visa. Without a visa or a Certificate of Approval a Registrar has no power to register the partnership.