Monday, November 14, 2005

Queen Latifah Enjoys a Good Lap Dance

(Link) In fact, she's such a frequent visitor to one titty bar that she's now pals with the dancers. Aww, ain't that sweet?


LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post:
From New York Post

ALL hail Queen Latifah — especially if you happen to be a stripper! The rapper/actress and her posse enjoyed lots of lap dances at Scores early yesterday in the topless temple's famed Champagne Room. "She is so nice," a buxom, red-headed dancer named Logan told us. "She treated me like a friend. It's great when someone who you are a fan of turns out to be a good person." Latifah — who has visited Scores several times in recent weeks — drank only mineral water, even after a high-rolling customer sent a magnum of Cristal to her table.

Anonymous said...

I was not a huge fan of Latifah's looks until I saw Chicago. If there was ever a need for God as Designer...when I saw what was spillin' out of her dress, praise the LORD!

That woman has body to spare, and it all moves right (not like Star Jones, yechhh). I am not a dancer in any way, shape, or form, but I'd give the Queen the best one I could, and count myself fortunate to get the opportunity.

And again, Yowza!

WordyGrrl said...

Queen Latifah is a babe, indeed. And proof that it's not the size of the ass that matters. It's how good it looks in a pair of jeans. ;-)

Anonymous said...

She does prove that a little extra can be a whole lotta fun.

That said, I think I'll stick to women who outweigh me by less than 100 pounds from now on.

Never eat more than you can lift.