Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Homolka a "Positive Role Model", Says Ex-Lover

(Link) A female convict who had a 3-year fling behind bars with Canada's bisexual torturer-killer claims she was a positive influence on her. If that's better than the drunks and druggies you were dating before, chances are you need to raise your standards. Seriously.

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Associated Press

Montreal — Karla Homolka liked bondage sex games but was a positive role model for a female convict who fell in love with her and now describes the relationship in a new book.

Lynda Veronneau, a l'ombre de Karla (Lynda Veronneau: In the Shadow of Karla) is mainly the story of Ms. Veronneau, who spent time in Joliette prison with Ms. Homolka, who was serving 12 years for the sordid sex slayings of Ontario schoolgirls Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy.

But it also details Ms. Veronneau's three-year love affair with Ms. Homolka, who was freed in July and now lives anonymously in Montreal.

“Lynda did not know anything about Karla Homolka,” said co-author Christiane Desjardins, a court reporter for Montreal La Presse. “She hadn't heard anything about her because she didn't listen to the news or read newspapers. She had other things to do.”

Ms. Veronneau, who is gay, saw herself as a man and plans to undergo a sex change.

She wrote in her book that during the time they were together, Ms. Homolka enjoyed sex games and liked to be tied up, something which disturbed Ms. Veronneau, who was serving a sentence for robbery.

She said one game seemed to simulate rape.

The relationship headed for the rocks in 2000 when Ms. Homolka was transferred to a regional reception centre in Saskatoon for psychiatric evaluations. It ended when she was brought back to Quebec to the Ste-Anne-des-Plaines prison for a short period.

It was during that time that Ms. Homolka began a relationship with Jean-Paul Gerbet, who is serving a life sentence in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines for killing his ex-girlfriend. Ms. Homolka began to keep her distance from Ms. Veronneau when she returned to Joliette. Ms. Homolka told her in 2001 they were finished.

The breakup was catastrophic for Ms. Veronneau, who writes she got even with Homolka by selling photographs to the Toronto Sun.

But Ms. Veronneau says in the 300-page book that Homolka was a positive influence on her in the end.

“She gave her the taste to resume her studies,” Ms. Desjardins said. “She left school in the seventh or eighth grade but took math and English courses in prison. Her ambition is to get enough training to open a business.

“Lynda was fascinated by Karla's discipline. She put her on a pedestal because she buckled down at night and studied psychology. Lynda always had girlfriends who were hooked on drugs and alcohol and she found in this woman an air of normality.”