Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Madonna's Maverick to Launch Queer Soap Opera

(Link) The muscle-bound Material Girl knows her core audience, and it ain't straight folks. Hence the upcoming primetime drama "San Rafael", which revolves around a group of LGBT folks who share an apartment complex.

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JIC Post:
From Southern Voice

Maverick TV, co-founded by Madonna and Guy Oseary, and Logo, the MTV Networks' channel for the gay audience, announced that they've joined forces to develop a gay prime time soap opera.

The creators of the show are Christian McLaughlin and Valerie Ahren who have previously written for Comedy Central's "Drawn Together," Fox's "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé" and "The Bold and the Beautiful." The pair were also the co-executive producers and creators of MTV's gay-inclusive Emmy-nominated soap "Spyder Games" in 2002.

"This series is the first of its kind, a gay-themed soap opera for prime time television," Eileen Opatut, senior vice president for Logo, said in a press release. Apparently, Opatut doesn't consider "Queer as Folk" a soap opera.

The upcoming show, tentatively titled "San Rafael," follows "the intertwined lives of a group of LGBT friends and foes living in the same apartment complex."