Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jenny Shimizu''s "Rest of the Story"

(Link) You've already heard the blather about her fling with Angelina Jolie. Now the rest of the sad tale is coming out, complete with heroin overdoses and rampant jerkdom.

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From New York Post

Butch former Calvin Klein model Jenny Shimizu may still be blabbing about her long-ago lesbian fling with a 19-year-old Angelina Jolie - but she's leaving out one tragic element of the story, according to Steppin' Out magazine's Chaunce Hayden.

The gadfly journo tells us that former Howard Stern radio show regular Debbie Tay died of a drug overdose after Shimizu supposedly asked Tay to score her some heroin on the Lower East Side and send it to the set of "Foxfire," the movie Shimizu and Jolie were filming at the time of their affair in 1995.

"Debbie told me, 'Jenny gave me her ATM card and wants me to buy $200 worth of heroin and ship it to the 'Foxfire' set,' " Hayden told Page Six.

He claims that Tay - a drug-addled exotic dancer who appeared on Stern's show as a character called "The Space Lesbian" - ended up shooting several bags of smack into her arm that night and overdosed in a friend's apartment on Avenue B. (It is unclear whether Tay used the money from Shimizu's ATM to buy the drugs on which she overdosed.)

"Jenny later called me and said how sorry she was for what happened," Hayden relates. "She said she'd pay for the funeral, but she never paid a dime. She didn't even go to the service."

Hayden said he became "infuriated" after reading our story yesterday about Shimizu describing Jolie as an "unbelievable lesbian lover" to a British tabloid. "I couldn't believe she was still going around talking about this romance with Angelina and the 'Foxfire' days and how great it all was," Hayden said.

Shimizu told the News of the World that she was Jolie's first female lover and predicted the pillow-lipped temptress would continue seeing other women, despite being pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby. "She loves women way too much," Shimizu told the British paper. "It's like a drug and she was hooked."

Shimizu, who was also linked to Madonna and Ione Skye during her model heyday in the 1990s, did not respond to a detailed message requesting comment yesterday.

However, Hayden hasn't always been so concerned with good taste when it comes to his old friend Tay, whom he described to us as "my soulmate." He once brought Tay's cremated remains on Stern's show and "played with her ashes over the air," according to Tay's family later sued Stern for the stunt, and the shock jock settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.