Friday, January 20, 2006

Be There: Femme Mafia's Masquerade Ball is Jan 28th

(Link) Atlanta's fabulous femmes are staging the year's big event next Saturday -- the Mafia Masquerade, complete with belly dancers, DJs, drag kings and hotties galore! Need another reason to attend? Two words: lapdance auction!

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JIC Post:

The Mafia Masquerade is a celebration of The Atlanta Femme Mafia's first anniversary and is also our biggest fundraiser of the year. Proceeds from this event will fund The Femme Mafia's participation in Atlanta Pride, our general operating costs, and our attendance of the Femme 2006 Conference in San Francisco, CA.
So bring cash for the donation bucket, the vendors, the merchandise table and the performers and support us by partying your ass off at our fabulous shindig!

Performances By:

Torchy Taboo
Camellia Cuntwell
Vagina Jenkins
Birdie Brazen
Wild Ivy
Al Schlong
From NYC and Philly:
The Royal Renegades!
A very special fetish demo by:
Bittersweet Taliba

Dress Code

Neoformal attire, Masks encouraged.

Drink Policy

We will provide mixers, water, soft drinks and limited beer. You are welcome to bring your own liquor, wine or beer and we will gladly label it with your name and keep it on hand at the bar, where our bartenders will be available to serve your beverages at no charge (though standard tipping conventions still apply.)


The event will be held at 726 Spring Street Atlanta, at the club Spring4th. Spring4th is a 2500' dance and lounge facility with an 1800' covered and heated patio. The space is often home to alternative community events such as fetish parties, late night DJ spin-offs, and revolutionary art shows, and also serves as the headquarters of The Eros Society.
There are *no signs* indicating the location of the club ('cause we got mafia style like that, ya'll).
To find us, look for the red door with the gold 726.


Doors open at 9pm, performances start at 10:30pm. Dance party to follow performances, party goes until dawn.

Discount Tickets

Tickets will be available at the door for $18 , but advance tickets will be available through our website for $15 (+ 32¢ shipping to each address.) Further discounted tickets are available for $5 each to those who volunteer for a minimum of two hours, but we must inform you that we have accepted all the volunteers we can handle right now. If, however, you are still really, really interested in helping out so you can get in for $5- Try emailing me at

Coat Check

The Femme Mafia will be employing a "Personal Responsibility Coat Check." This means that we will provide racks for you to hang your coats on, but that we are not responsible for anything left on those racks. I doubt highly that anyone will make it a point to run off with your coat, but if you're worried about it- you may want to leave it in the car and make a run for it.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to: Doc Chey's, Charis Books & More, Aphrodite's Toy Box, Sevananda, Solo Cups, My Sisters Room, all the Planning Donnas, performers and volunteers, and everyone who's put up with The Donna being a cranky, stressed-out bitch (especially my boyfriends and chiropractor) the last couple months. I promise the party is going to be more than worth it. ;)