Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kissing Kiwis Booted From Stadium

(Link) A friendly smooch between two women was deemed too "inflammatory" for the crowd at a New Zealand cricket match. After it was aired on the big screen to a stadium of cheering fans, of course.

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JIC Post:
From GayNZ

Two women who exchanged a friendly kiss at the one-day cricket international in Napier on Sunday were cautioned, and threatened to be thrown out of the grounds if caught again. Although New Zealand Cricket has declined to comment on the incident, a spokesman for Westpac Trust Stadium says that the Wellington venue has a similar policy and would do the same.

The kiss was between two straight women, but it was caught on camera and played on the big screen to a cheering crowd. A security guard told the women they were distracting the crowd, and would be thrown out if they did it again. The women thought their action was “just a bit of fun”, but according to a Westpac Trust Stadium spokesman, two women kissing “is not appropriate” at a family venue.

Labour Cabinet Minister Chris Carter says he is surprised at the incident, and concerned. “It seems to me that this is a human rights issue. If there’s no kissing allowed at all, then fair enough. But if opposite-sex couples can kiss, then… same sex couples should be allowed to as well,” he told the Dominion Post. “It seems to me, as an ordinary gay person, that this is very surprising and unfair.”

Central Districts Cricket Association has apologized to the women for the guard’s behaviour, despite defending the policy held by the ground. The security company involved also defended the actions of the security guard who cautioned the women, saying that what the women did “was inflammatory”.