Friday, January 27, 2006

New Lesbian Sorority Established, Growing

(Link) Already spreading to three cities, Alpha Chi Upsilon is a social organization -- which means you don't have to go back to university to enjoy the Sapphic sorority experience. Wow, but that just sounds hot, doesn't it?

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JIC Post:

(Memphis, TN) - The new Greek Letter Organization, the Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority, is the first multi-cultural social sorority that caters to the lesbian and bisexual community. Their goal is to provide a united sisterhood of positive and intelligent women from all different aspects of life. By providing positive venues that promote unity, the organization hope to bridge the gaps and motivate out L.G.B.T community.

The National Chapter located in Memphis, TN has adding two new chapters, The Beta Chapter located in Houston, TX and the Gamma Chapter located in Nashville, TN.

Also Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority has announced the addition of their first honorary member, Sophia Pasquis from the well known MTV reality show, Road Rules Xtreme. Sophia was chosen out of 35,000 people to be cast as the first openly gay member of the popular MTV reality television show Road Rules 10: The Quest, a show known for its grueling physical and intelligence testing tasks. Although Sophia was revered as the show's problem solver, America watched how she struggled with the problems of coming out to her father as well as the repercussions of being known as openly gay to the public.

Although Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority is a social organization, they are very active in the L.G.B.T. community. To help bring diversity and unity, Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority holds monthly mixers for women of all backgrounds and cultures to get together to discuss topics that are facing women today. Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority also is involved in Safe Sex Awareness, AIDS awareness and more.

Alpha Chi Upsilon is currently expanding every day and is currently looking for strong and motivated women to join and head chapters all over the United States. Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority does not discriminate against race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or religion. Women must be 18 years or older to join, and must maintain a professional or educational background. You do not have to be a student to join, Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority believes in giving women the chance to experience Greek life for those who were not able to attend college, or who were denied the chance to be in a Greek Letter Organization due to sexual orientation. With hard work and determination Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority hopes to become a strong positive force in the L.G.B.T communities nationwide.

If you would like more information on Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority please visit the website at