Monday, February 06, 2006

DC's Metro Gets a "Family" Voice

(Link) Starting this spring, a lesbian will order hundreds of thousands of people around each day in our nation's capital -- as the new voice of the Washington, DC transit system.

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JIC Post:
Washinton Blade

America may not have a lesbian president yet, but this spring one local lesbian will order hundreds of thousands of people around each day.

Metro riders will be hearing a lesbian voice for the next year.
Randi Miller, 44, was selected this week by a judging panel as the voice of Metro from a pool of 1,259 entries in the "Doors Closing Voice 2006" contest. Some of the other finalists will record other announcements for Metro stations, but Miller will be the one behind the new on-train messages that will replace "doors closing," and, "please stand clear of the doors — thank you," that are so familiar to Washingtonians.

Miller's mellow alto voice will be heard on trains this spring as Metro freshens the recorded messages that instruct passengers.

"It's been incredible, " says Miller, who lives in Woodbridge, Va. She first learned of the contest while working as a lease-retention manager at a car dealership in Alexandria, Va.

"I found out about it from my boss, who's the general manager here at Lindsay Lexus," Miller says. "I was paging someone on the intercom and he said, 'You know, you should try out for the Metro contest.'"

Even prior to winning the contest Miller says she often received compliments on her voice and requests for her to record friends' voicemail messages.

"I definitely got my voice from my father," Miller says. "He does a mean Donald Duck."

Her father, who used to do voiceovers, also entered the contest, but was not a finalist.

"We're very competitive with each other," Miller says, but she claims there are no hard feelings. "He sent me flowers today. It's all good."