Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Reverend to Face Trial Over Same-Sex Marriages

(Link) As leader of an all-inclusive church, Rev. Jane Spahr happily presided over a few same-sex ceremonies. Unfortunately, the Presbyterian hierarchy isn't all-inclusive and Spahr could lose her ministry.

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JIC Post:
From United Press International

A Presbyterian lesbian activist will be tried in a California church court March 2 for allegedly performing two same-sex marriage services.

If found guilty by the Permanent Judicial Commission of Redwoods Presbytery, the Rev. Jane Adams Spahr could be removed from the ministry, the Presbyterian News Service said Monday.

The constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) specifically states that
marriage is a covenant only between a man and a woman.

Spahr, 63, a resident of San Rafael, Calif., is director of That All May
Freely Serve, which works for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgendered Presbyterians in the life of the church,
including ordination as officers.

"I'm just grateful that people will hear about our love and to move
beyond stereotypes or mythology about who we are," Spahr told The
Presbyterian News Service. "I'm just grateful for the church to see us as
folks like anyone else who has dreams and love and partnership."

Spahr was originally charged in connection with co-officiating at a
February 2004 wedding in Ontario, Canada, of two men from New York state.

A trial was scheduled for April 2005 but was delayed because of
extensive legal negotiations.