Friday, February 17, 2006

Neve to Get Wild With Denise Again

(Link) Eight years after making out with Denise Richards in "Wild Things", Neve Campbell's going for her sixth lesbian subplot in the upcoming "Backstabbers." C'mon Neve... jump the fence to the pink side. We'll catch you!

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LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post:
From The Sun UK

HOLLYWOOD stunners Denise Richards and Neve Campbell are set to reunite for another steamy installment of hit film Wild Things.

The actresses enjoyed a steamy romp in the 1998 thriller.

New movie Backstabbers will focus on a rich New York man who masterminds his wife's kidnapping, unaware that his mistress and bodyguard are going to double-cross him.

If the girls get it on again in the film, it will be Neve's SIXTH lesbian clinch.

In an exclusive interview last year, the stunner told us: "The first time – with Denise Richards in Wild Things – was nerve wracking.

"I was younger and it was made a big deal of, as it wasn’t such a common thing at the time.

"But now it seems like every female in the industry has done at least three of these scenes.

"They’re very popular. I must be a groundbreaker!"

Former cast-members Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon and Bill Murray are also set to star.