Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Can Lawn Furniture Be Too Gay?

(Link) He just wants to add color to peoples lives! Is that so wrong?

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By Duane Wells
Proud Parenting

We’re always talking about taking pride in our homes, but what about putting pride in our homes? That’s exactly what Roy G. Biv, is proposing we do with its line of colorful, fun, high quality and beach accessories.

Mike Dorsey, Roy G. Biv’s founder and president, realized one day that the choice of colors available for was terribly limited so he decided to take matters into his own hands and inject a little color into the market.

Using the colors of the rainbow flag for inspiration, Dorsey, who had been a consultant before taking over his family’s distribution business, launched Roy G. Biv with the naming help of his life partner John who reminded him of the grade school trick his teacher taught him and his fellow classmates to help them remember the colors of the rainbow, ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).

Though Dorsey himself did not remember the trick, he thought the name was perfect and so Roy G. Biv was born.

“I just want to add color to people’s lives,” says openly-gay business owner Dorsey, 40.

“Our homes are an expression of who we are. Using color is a great way to show how vibrant our lives really are and helps us express our personalities.”

Dorsey also understands how the rainbow flag and its colors have become symbols of pride for the lesbian and gay community and as a gay man wanted to do his bit to promote the community with style.

“The rainbow flag and its colors mean so much to my community. I just wanted to produce furniture that gives us a way to express our pride in our homes,” said Dorsey.

And what a means of expression Roy G. Biv offers. With a product line that includes hammocks, tables, rustic benches and the company’s best-selling , all offered in the company’s own proprietary color palette which brings the seven colors of the rainbow to life, Roy G. Biv has stylishly brought more pride to gay homes than any gay flag or rainbow glassware could ever hope to achieve.

Of all the items in the Roy G. Biv collection, my favorites are the Director’s which can be purchased in three heights (dining, counter and bar). These chairs are sure to brighten up any sitting area and are destined to be hugely popular. Just remember when you start seeing them everywhere that Style Matters told you about them first.

In 2004, Roy G. Biv added to their offerings an extra thick, luxury beach towel bearing the company’s signature logo embroidery in its seven proprietary colors along the border. With a weight of nearly four pounds, the triple-thick, 100% cotton towel is oversized to fit any standard-size chaise lounge. For a little added chic, you can even customize your towel by adding the Roy G. Biv Chaise Cover, ensuring your towel will stay put and not blow away in the wind as you relax in the sun. It’s pure genius. Something tells me that this decadently sumptuous towel is going to be one big gay status symbol on the circuit this summer.

Great products and styling aside, Roy G. Biv is also a company with a heart as big and bold and colorful as the home furnishings they sell. When Mike Dorsey came up with the idea for Roy G. Biv, he also created the Affinity Program, a program through which a sizeable chunk of his company’s profits are donated to charity.

When customers visit Roy G. Biv’s website, www.roygbivhome.com and make a purchase they are asked to select from a list of national and regional charities. Once selected, 10% of the retail price of the purchased items will go to that organization.

A current list of Roy G. Biv’s partner’s in the Affinity Program includes: AIDS Council of Northeastern New York, AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, Albany Symphony Orchestra, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Council, Gay Pride Rockland, Human Rights Campaign, Rhode Island Pride, CAMP Rehoboth, Seattle LGBT Community Center, The NYC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. Shopping with a conscience! I absolutely love it.

I have to say that I have not always been inspired by the aesthetics of the gay rainbow, but the Roy G. Biv collection has opened my mind to the stylish possibilities it possesses. It just goes to show that anything done with style can be appealing because when all is said and done, it really is the style that matters. Until next time… Cheers!