Monday, July 18, 2005

Tony Blair Honors Lesbian Rights Activist

(Linky-pops to article) Jokes about British cuisine aside, the UK has a LGBT History Month. That's something to chew on.


LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post:

From Proud Parenting

British Prime Minister Tony Blair will honor lesbian activist Sue at a reception later this month in recognition of her work to promote LGBT equality.

Sanders, who co-chairs the Schools Out group, will be attending the meeting in recognition of her work in education, and in support of her campaigning for a crack down on homophobic bullying in schools.

The activist was a key voice behind the United Kingdom’s LGBT History Month, which was launched earlier this year to overwhelming support from teachers and school officials.

Sanders said she helped set up the project in a bid to encourage schools to discuss lesbian and gay people more, and also tackle anti-gay bullying.

Additionally, Sanders has worked closely with the Police to promote more equality and better protection for LGBT people. Speaking about her invite, Sanders said it was as important to the whole Schools Out group as it was to her.

"I am delighted,” she said. “But this is not simply for me, but recognition of the work that Schools Out has been doing over the past thirty years and for the success of our first LGBT History Month last February.”

She added that the invite was important in raising the profile of anti-gay bullying in schools and for urging the government to take action.

“We hope it is a sign that they will work with us to make schools happier and safer places for all our children, where all children will receive the education they need and deserve,” she said. “It is good to have the government as an ally in this campaign!”

Sanders’ co-chair Paul Patrick said the recognition was “very well deserved.”

“Sue is a tireless campaigner, an excellent speaker and broadcaster and a sensitive and highly competent trainer,” Patrick said in a statement. “We could have no better a spokesperson.”

WordyGrrl said...

Can anyone imagine Dumbya honoring a lesbian rights activist? Anyone? Bueller?