Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Shite Hits Fan in Shropshire

(Linky-pops to article) If your can of Whoop-Ass includes a flickknife and a knuckleduster, you might be a UK redneck. In other news, Lesbians are Chavs, too!

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Lest the link be busted, we wouldn't want you to miss the excitement.

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Lesbian attack woman is jailed

A Shropshire woman was jailed today and another narrowly escaped custody after violently attacking one of their former lesbian lovers and her new partner.

Beverley Worall, 44, and Rebecca Maund, 29, went to Cambrian Drive in Oswestry on February 5 armed with a flickknife, knuckle duster, chair leg and an air pistol looking for Diane Gardener and Sarah Rowney, Shrewsbury Crown Court heard today.

Miss Gardener, Maund's former partner, was then attacked by the defendants along with her new partner Miss Rowney.

Sentencing today Judge Robin Onions told the defendants, both of Gateacre Avenue, Oswestry, that their attack had been unforgivable.

"Worall, you took with you a number of offensive weapons of startling seriousness. I accept you didn't use any of them but you knew exactly what the intention was," she said.

Worall, a mother-of-four, was sentenced to a total of eight months in jail for the attack. Maund, a post office worker, was given 180 hours of community punishment, a four-month curfew order and ordered to pay costs of £250.

Worall had admitted assaulting Diane Gardener, Cerys Pritchard and Adrian Davies and possessing offensive weapons at an earlier court hearing. Maund had previously admitted affray and possessing offensive weapons.

Miss Mary Loram, for both defendants, said her clients were both sorry for what they had done.