Wednesday, July 27, 2005

LWord Poster Raises 1,300 Eyebrows in UK

(Link) 650 Londoners, shocked and outraged by latest print ad, complain to authorities. Who promptly blow them off and return to having tea and ogling the rack on today's Page 3 Girl. Hah!


LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post:
From RainbowNetwork

The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected nearly 650 complaints about a poster for a lesbian TV show on Living TV.

It is the largest number of complaints the ASA has received this year for a single advert.

The complaints said that poster for the hugely successful series, The L Word were offensive, degrading and unsuitable to be seen by children.

The posters showed various photographs of women's bodies from chest to thigh wearing only knickers and covered in body oil. The images had the slogans, ‘Girls Allowed’ and ‘Hello Girls’.

However, the advertising authority cleared the images as they were not sexually explicit and accurately reflected the show's content.

The ASA acknowledged that the posters had offended some people, but ruled that they were "unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence, be seen as degrading to women or unsuitable to be seen by children.”

The Authority also noted that Living TV had sought Copy Advice and taken care in the siting of the posters and had instructed contractors not to place the posters near schools or religious establishments.

Living TV had argued that the posters reflected the “lives and loves of a group of glamorous gay women” and “were not gratuitous or explicit but referred to the sexual nature of the programme in a playful manner.”

They also said that the images contained nothing that members of the public had not seen in posters before and while they appreciated that some people may have objected to the advertising of a gay TV programme, they did not believe the posters breached the Code on that point.

Furthermore, Living TV said they had deliberately designed the posters to be understood by those already aware of homosexuality while excluding younger children.

Their research results showed that most people would see the posters as playful, entertaining and amusing.

texasshiva said...

Oh my...I clicked the link and saw a small copy of the ad and, may I say, um, yes...nicely done, Showtime. Season 3 starts when again?

Maeven said...

Can I take one home?

WordyGrrl said...

Hello indeed! If that pic is but a glimpse, can you imagine what the entire poster looks like? And can anyone get copies of it for all of us?

WordyGrrl said...

Maeven... Take one? Why not collect the whole set? Impress your friends and be the envy of str8 boys worldwide! Heh...