Monday, July 11, 2005

TVs "Big Brother 6" Gets 1st Out Lesbian Player

(Linky-pops to article) Although they skipped the part about her live-in girlfriend, all the signs are there. How many clues can you spot?


LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post to ensure all get a chance to read it:

According to CBS, Ivette Corredero is a 25 year old single female from Miami Beach, Florida who will be appearing on Big Brother 6. Her occupation is described as a waitress. Reality TV Magazine’s investigation reveals an Ivette Corredero who won The Association of Women in Communications’ Susan E. Sachs scholarship in 2003.

There is a bio for Ivette Corredero printed with information on the scholarship which reveals at the time that she was a communications arts major at St. Thomas University with the goal of becoming a TV news anchor. The bio also states Ivette had a full-time job at the Nexxt Cage in South Beach and was a graduate of South Miami Senior High School. On a more personal note, the bio reveals that Ivette has diabetes and is the godmother to an eight-year old girl.

According to CBS, Ivette Corredero’s favorite movie is “Pretty Woman” while her favorite TV shows are “The L Word”, “Will & Grace”, and “The Inferno.” Ivette’s favorite actors are Sean Pean, Johnny Depp, and Denzel Washington; and favorite actresses are Britanny Myrphy, Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts. Ivette likes hip-hop and R&B music, and her favorite bands are The Killers and The Neptunes. Ivette’s hobbies involve riding her scooter, shopping, and watching TV. She likes to play softball, volleyball and go bike riding, and her favorite sports teams are anything Miami. Ivette likes to eat Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, cookie dough ice cream, oreos, chocolate chip cookies, Milano cookies, and Reese’s Pieces; and she likes to drink Malibu Baybreeze and Orangina.

Reality TV Magazine’s guess is that Ivette Corredero’s secret partner is James Rhine.
This guess is based on information that James’ hometown is Miami (as also evidenced by his favorite sports teams), and Ivette is a Miami resident. It’s possible that any of the Florida residents would make likely secret partners for James, but we decided to go with guessing Ivette.

itownjen said...

I was living in London when the first big brother started there and on their first season there was a v. out lesbian. I believe her name was anna (not sure about this). She was cute, out and a former nun...and a favorite to win. This was no issue there, there was no hiding. I remember her leaving the house and running into the arms of her g-friend and I at the time cheered. For the land of the free, why are we so god damn uptight about this? Why do other reality shows seek out the gay community? And my big question is who's hiding this...the woman or the network?

WordyGrrl said...

A former nun? Oh yeah, the gaydar would be pinging away on that one.

And you're right about those shows always featuring "The Queer". I supposed because at least one person in the bunch will be a clueless 'phobe, thus guaranteeing drama.