Monday, March 13, 2006

Dear Cupid: Should I Hurl Myself At My Gym Coach?

(Link) "I've had a crush on her for 5 years. How do I know she's a lesbian?" Which is the bigger clue: the lesbian schoolgirl porn vids in Coach's desk or her jealousy over your celebrity crush on Jennifer Aniston?


LNewsEditor said...

JIC Post:
From Dear Cupid

A female reader, anonymous writes:

I’m a 17 year old girl and I have liked this women for 6 years. As always she was my high school PE teacher and in my last year she found out it was me who sent had been sending her presents on occasions like flowers for valentines etc. We got on well and every PE lesson there was always chemistry there. My best mate said how much she flirted with me and all that. Since the February until the June we were seeing each other everyday, she was waving, smiling, elbowing me, meeting me at lunch n that if I ever asked to meet etc she did. We used to meet in registration times when there was an assembly, after school where once I stayed until 6.30 when school finished at half 3. We just talked for hours on end and anything I wanted she would do. Nothing physically happened because I never wanted it to cause of her job but it makes me wonder whether anything could have. She once pulled me out of lesson and we went and snuck in the swimming pool bit so no one would find us, we were sneaking around like we were having an affair.

When I left school she gave me her email address and we’ve been emailing. Except I have got annoyed with her about things like mentioning her ex’s and that and she never told me she had a boyfriend. Instead I found out from my mum in October. She had been engaged twice already, both ending a few months after on her behalf so it makes me wonder if she is insecure. Her first one is with the guy she works with so I had a right to feel pressured with the signals she was sending out. We left it until 06 before we emailed again taking a break. Then she emailed in January and since then nothing. I know she is busy but I cant help think maybe my mum has said something or she got annoyed when I was saying how well I got on with some other girls I work with. Which she does when I mentioned people like Jennifer Aniston and she got really uptight about it, which made my friend think she was jealous!! Obviously its different for my friend because she can see it from both angles whereas me, I'd only see her side of it. I have never said she likes me but have always wondered.

I do think she likes girls/women because she has a porn video in the back of her top drawer which is hers that she shouldn’t have! It has girls in school uniform on there so that isn’t exactly good!! She would do nothing, like physically touch a girl in PE, she is no pervert! She just acted so different to me with others though and it’s made me totally confused.

She has kept my ring that I bought her and whenever I asked her to wear it she always did, like my last ever day at school. Does she feel anything for me? What can I do? I have moved on and like other people but I had a dream about her last night where my friend made comments like “It wouldn’t take you long to get Gemma changed” meaning me and she got all embarrassed about it and that and its bought it all back. It was only about two weeks ago I said stuff her she hasn’t got time for me I haven’t her but now I don’t know. Please help!

WordyGrrl said...

Egad. This is so inappropriate on so many levels. Plus, how anonymous is this "female reader" if she refers to herself by name in the last paragraph? *L*