Friday, March 31, 2006

Kennel Owner Fined for Not Selling to Lesbians

(Link) In a twist on anti-gay adoption rules, a kennel owner refuses to sell a puppy to a woman simply because she's a lesbian. Won't someone think of the puppies?

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JIC Post:
From Associated Press

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - A Swedish court has imposed a 20,000 kronor ($2,600) fine on a woman kennel owner who refused to sell a puppy to a lesbian.

The kennel owner, who was not identified, had initially been willing to sell the woman a puppy but changed her mind when she found out the woman was living with a lesbian partner, according to Sweden's discrimination ombudsman, a government watchdog who filed the lawsuit.

The Nacka District Court outside Stockholm issued the ruling on Thursday, the ombudsman's office said.

"This is an important verdict," said Hans Ytterberg, who heads the ombudsman's office. "It is important that these incidents are tried in court."