Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Job of the Year: Sex Toy Tester

(Link) You know somebody has to do it, but does evaluating love utensils count as animal testing?

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JIC Post:
By Ben Spencer
The Daily Record

HERE'S a woman who really gets a buzz out of her job.

Mum-of-one Judith Crofts, 44, designs and tests vibrators for High Street sex chain Ann Summers.

Happily married Judith finds time to balance being a traditional housewife with her role as "senior hard goods buyer".

She said: "My husband is very supportive of what I do. Initially he thought I would want to swing from the chandeliers when I came home from work, but that isn't always the case."

Judith spends the week refining and fine-tuning sex toys to ensure the needs of Britain's women are met.

With the support of a team of 15 testers, Judith is responsible for both testing and designing a wide range of vibrators, including the famous Rampant Rabbit.

But with a BA from the London College of Fashion under her belt, Judith's mission is to bring a bit of chic to the sector by making a vibrator a tasteful designer accessory.

She wants to produce vibrators that look girly, pretty and appealing, rather than looking like they have been taken straight from an erotic movie.

Judith, of Wallington, Surrey, said: "The same people who go out to buy jewellery and girly clothes are coming into Ann Summers to buy their vibrators.

"For this reason, I design sex toys which not only give great pleasure but are also beautiful.

"Vibrators should be a discreet but acceptable part of women's lives. Long gone are the days when they were hidden away at the back of the wardrobe.

"But while women are far more confident these days, no one wants their children or flatmates stumbling across their Rampant Rabbit in the underwear drawer, which is why I design attractive cases and accessories in addition to the toys themselves."

Above all, Judith is concerned that women across Britain practise safe sex, which is why Ann Summers is the only retailer in the UK to put all of its sex toys through rigorous safety checks before they reach the shelves.

Judith has played a key role as Ann Summers have increased their sales of sex toys to 2.5million annually.