Thursday, March 30, 2006

East Enders Actress Slips Co-Star the Tongue

(Link) In a scene you won't see on US network television, British actresses feel free to romp it up in their televised lesbian trysts. Guess us Yanks will have to wait until East Enders lands on DVD.

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JIC Post:
From FemaleFirst UK

‘EastEnders’ star Petra Letang has admitted she used tongues during an on-screen kiss with a female co-star.

The 26-year-old – who plays lesbian Naomi Julien - had to lock lips with actress Natalie Cassidy, who plays Sonia Fowler on the soap.

She has now revealed the pair just “went for it” during the racy scenes.

Petra is quoted in Britain’s Daily Star newspaper as saying: “If you look closely, you might see a brief slip of the tongue!”

Meanwhile, 22-year-old Cassidy recently said she was hopeful viewers wouldn’t judge the soap’s lesbian plotline too harshly.

She said: “What I love about this plot is that it isn’t just sensationalism. People will see it that way, of course, but it’s not just about the lesbian thing. It simply doesn’t matter whether Sonia wants to be with a man or a woman - you can’t choose who you fall in love with.

“In the end, I hope people will be adult about it and sympathise with Sonia.”