Thursday, March 09, 2006

Study: Coffee Steams Up Female Libido

(Link) Also known as "The Starbucks Effect," this could explain the abundance of lesbians in the Seattle area. Care for more cream, Sugar?

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Recent studies on rats conducted by scientists from Southern University (USA) found that caffeine increases the female rat libido. The effect is due to caffeine stimulating the part of brain regulating arousal. However, the same scientists say that in humans the same effects would be possible only if the person is not a regular coffee drinker. Should we stop drinking coffee then? Or switch to decaf? But coffee is linked to improving memory and reducing risk of cancer; at the same time some scientists say it increases the risk of heart disease. Back to our rats. The study was conducted on 108 female rats which were given a moderate amount of caffeine before a mating test. The goal was to find whether caffeine had any effect on the female rats’ behavior. The results were amazing: caffeine shortened the amount of time it took for a female to get back to the male after sex, for a new mating session. The scientists also explained that the results show more then a boost of energy for socialising. However, no one can say for certain if the effects would be the same in humans, as well. The main reason is because the rats had never had caffeine in their live. As for us humans, I doubt there are too many out there who didn’t drink at least one coffee. But the study also helped scientists understand a bit more about the brain and its link to behavior, mainly what part of the brain it motivates since sex is a motivative behavior, as Dr Fay Guarraci, leader researcher, explained. The study managed to “irritate” the British Coffee Association, whose spokesman explained that the study is not convincing and a human would have to drink 10 cups of coffee a day to obtain the effect and that level of consumption is not normal at all.