Thursday, February 05, 2009

Gene Robinson Backing Same-Sex Marriage in NH

New Hampshire does have civil unions, but that may change if the right voices get heard. The U.S. Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop is supporting a bill to allow same-sex marriage in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, one of the bills he's up against is one that would ban gay marriage outright.

Note: Although Robinson's very moving invocation started 10 minutes before the official telecast of the Obama inauguration, you can read it here.

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Anonymous said...

We need Same-Sex Marriage in this State of New Hampshire. We cannot give up the Same-Sex marriage bill. We need to have five more votes to win gay marriage. We cannot wait until next year. What we need to do is wait for 2 weeks first and then see the bill again and keep on voting on the Same-Sex Marriage law until they have enough votes for Same -Sex marriage. Like Gay Marriage has 24 points more than Straight marriage 12 points.